October 1, 2023


Expression of sensory visions towards his surrounding reality drives Artist Vorden to pour his experiences onto canvas in a way that is described as both surrealism and realism art. Art made its indelible impact on Vorden since his early childhood. His parents knew and accepted that imagination was the crucible of their son’s urges to paint and carve his own wooden toys.

Drawn to the Academy of Arts in Martin, Slovakia as a student saw Vorden’s evolvement draw him into a circle of arts that showcased his artwork in several exhibitions around Slovakia. His passion for exploring cultures drove him forward on his quest to know the workings of his soul as credibility to his truth motivated actions that saw exhibitions in galleries in the USA. Warmly greeted, Vorden experienced the knowledge that his deftly honed artistic skills balanced with his visionary capacity to see beyond the physical eye would sustain him as he made a decision to move to India.

Appreciating the welcome of these magnificent Indian people couldn’t keep his restless feet from seeking a land that further called him.

Vorden moved to Poland, a corner of the world where he met his wife, Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka, she is a writer, poetess. Her creative spirit was a perfect collaboration through love that co-joined her expressions through words to enhance Vorden art. The land of Cyprus then called them, yet their journey was to lead the North to Denmark where they now call home.

Vorden’s reputation as an International artist has seen his Art Collectors and Investors spring from exhibitions in the USA, India, Cyprus, Slovakia, Italy, and Denmark with further global invitations seeking this art philosopher’s visionary experiences that he brings to life to appreciate the world of Vorden.

Vorden’s wife is also a famous figure in the world of art and culture, her poetry has lovers in every corner of the world.
Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka is the Chief Administrator in Motivational Strips handling and supporting writers from Scandinavian countries. Author Ewelina is one of the recipients of the world’s most coveted medal of ’Ambassador De Literature’ from Motivational Strips.

She is the author of four poetry books. Her poems was translated for many languages and can be found in many international anthologies. She is a laureate of many international awards and honours. She is a member of the WNWU World Nation Writers’ Union. She is the International Goodwill Ambassador for Minorities at The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities – FAAVM Canada and International Ambassador of The Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity.

President of the Spanish-World Writers’ Union – UNIÓN HISPANOMUNDIAL DE ESCRITORES (UHE), branch in Denmark.

Approving editor Bharath Vision, the web magazine of Motivational Strips.
Ewelina and Vorden were conjoined by a love of art.

They both compliment each other perfectly and they inspire each other creating artworks that delight many in the world.

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