October 1, 2023


The Designer January 2021/ Stockholm

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” Dance is the meaning of my life” Diana Kicia 

Sport was always a big part of my daily life since I was 5 years old starting with dance, handball, karate and …dance. Like Michal Malitowski said “Dance is a beautiful combination of sport and art!”  

Dance is for me like an emotional orgasm, makes me free. You completely devote yourself on the music and through the beautiful synchronized movements express your feelings to touch the heart of the audience. The challenge of that art performance is that dancers takes a different roles unexpected during the competition depending of the song character and need to use his/her own interpretation to the music. During the show one can of course plan this kind of interpretation to the music he/she wishes to dance. 

In ten dances there are two different disciplines Ballroom-Standard: English Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Slow fox, Tango and Quickstep and Latin: Samba, Chachacha, Rumba, Pasodoble and Jive. Each dance has its own story and character. 

In Ballroom dancing I use to fly in the sky like a Polish Eagle among Vikings, present elegance and grace. In Latin I love to express the charm, charisma, love, passion and temperament. Dedication to dance is an automatic connection between the dancer and audience. You can easily read who is just making a figures and who is feeling the music. 

I love dancing, the discipline, routine and dedication are important. So I use the possibilities on my way and completed different programs: 

  • ProAm –professional amateur program is about having a trainer and student which she/he prepares for a competition or shows by private lessons.  
  • Artistic Ballroom is about solo dancing in an artistic way by using arms and more expression and telling stories in upper body. 
  • Trainer for all ages- basics for trainers. 
  • Technique Student Teacher – this is a course of 10 dances in technique basics based on World Dance Sport Federation completed with certificate to teach other students. I will explain that deeper later on, extremely interesting. 
  • Individual program –workout to prepare the body for dancing. 

More about her passions in the next issue of the DESIGHNER magazine in January 2021!

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