October 1, 2023


YuraQ, a plant-based by-product of the Tagua nut. Help is on the way!

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The cosmetic industry faces some big challenges concerning environmental responsibility, but help is on the way. 

Producing planet- and people-friendly products from renewable sources, without destroying natural habitats or indigenous communities, is sadly still far from the norm. That doesn’t sit well with a generation that insists on cruelty-free, non-toxic,  plant-based alternatives that preserve the planet in its natural beauty. 

 A new ingredient found only from the Tagua palm tree could transform the cosmetic industry as well as improve the well-being of rural communities, the best guardians of Earth’s rainforests. On top of that, it’s an upcycled ingredient obtained 

during the production of natural buttons for clothing that replaces plastic in more and more luxury garments today. 

YuraQ, a plant-based by-product of the Tagua nut, promises to be the silver bullet for many synthetic ingredients currently used in the cosmetics industry and the harmful production practices behind them. In fact, the production of YuraQ is helping preserve rainforests where the ingredient is found in the wild while improving the well-being of women and artisans alike in local communities depending on the forests for their livelihood. 

Tagua nuts are produced by a palm that grows wild in the tropical forests of  Ecuador. When ripe, the nuts fall naturally to the ground and are collected by local communities. The nut is then transformed by artisans into Tagua blanks for buttons that are already replacing plastic buttons in the luxury garment industry today. The raw material and by-products necessary for YuraQ are thus obtained from upcycling.

There are near-infinite uses for this durable botanical-based binding, whitening, and smoothing agent, but the cosmetics and skincare industries look to benefit the most. 

 YuraQ is: 

An eco-friendly and natural replacement for many synthetics commonly found in… Face and body scrubs    


Skin Care 


More function than just makeup… Natural skin exfoliant 

Smoothing agent 

Durable, ultra-light, and non-perishable Natural whitening agent 

Plant-based binding agent 

Botanical replacement for PMMA 

Planet-friendly alternative to Titanium Dioxide 

It’s also… 





REACH exempt 

Clean Label 

NATRUE approved 

Cosmos approved 

Made in closed-process factories Nagoya Protocol compliant

Tagua palm trees produce tons of organic material necessary for a fertile forest floor and a hub for biological interactions between animals or insects. During the flowering season, multitudes of pollinating insects rely on the trees. Moreover, the  Tagua is a natural carbon fixer that cleans the air of pollutants and is an essential part of Ecuadorians’ cultural identity. 

 Keep an eye out for YuraQ in your favorite skincare regimen. The nature-approved and sustainably sourced ingredient protects our rainforests,  combats climate change, and slows global warming, besides making you feel great! 

Come on, people… 

This makes good natural sense! 

Visit YuraQ.ec for more info 

Instagram: @4everlung 

Featured  products made  with YuraQ 


Co-Mingle body scrub



Happy Skin enzymic facial exfoliator 


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