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Warsaw is a Woman. SHE – virtual reality photography exhibition.

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Warsaw is a Woman. SHE / Spectacular – Heroic – Educated

Power of Art VR Gallery 

Photographer : Mag Wozniak

Fashion Designer : Agnieszka Wyrwał/Aga Pou 

The Heroines : The Debutantes

Project curator: Agnieszka D. Michalczyk

The Exhibition : 8 March – 9 April 2021
Opening : 8 March at 7 pm online
Facebook: Power of Art, Debiutantki and Mag Wozniak Art

You Tube: Power of Art

The exhibition promotes the women of Warsaw, their courage, independence and ambition. It emphasizes the importance of education, self – awareness and the pursuit of dreams, never compromising our integrity and always remembering who we are. “Warsaw is a woman. SHE” points to possibilities not limitations. SHE creates a positive energy essential in today’s world and awakens the inner beauty dormant in every woman. 

The “Warsaw is a Woman” photoshoot took place during the VIIth edition of the charitable and educational Programme called the Debutantes. The photographer is Mag Wozniak who is also a painter. The Debutantes are dressed in clothes designed by Agnieszka Wyrwał/Aga Pou, depicting characteristic Warsaw landmarks. 

Selected photos earned Mag Wozniak 3rd place at the first biannual competition of the Polish Community in Sweden organised by the “Polska Riksförbundet i Sverige”. 

The Debutantes is a well-established charitable and educational Programme realised at the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów. It is dedicated to young women aged 18 – 25 years. The unique Programme aims not only to develop a social, historical and aesthetic sensitivity among its participants but also to educate a generation of self-assured, emphatic and active women. The Programme earned the title “Golden Artist – The Good Spirit of Culture 2020”. The creator and animator of the Programme – Agnieszka D. Michalczyk is a graduate of the History and Philosophy Department at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She is a well known social activist, as well as the curator of this exhibition. A true driving force in the cultural world, she is committed to promoting Polish heritage both in Poland and abroad. Agnieszka Michalczyk is the President of the Queen Maria Kazimiera Foundation, closely collaborating with the Palace Museum in Wilanów. She is also the organiser of the Debutantes’ Ball and is a Patroness of the Good Style Academy – a body of the Club of European Integration. 

Debutantes in the photoshoot:
Julia Ciborowska , Maria Kądzielska, Jolanta Pietrasik, Marta Plicha, Julia Polaczek, Anna Sadzyńska, Klaudia Sarnacka, Klaudia Ziółek, Weronika Ziółek. 

Mag Wozniak – is a resident of Stockholm. She is a visual arts artist, who is truly passionate about painting, photography, graphics, new media and design. She is a member of the Swedish Association of Photographers, the Union of Polish Artists, a collaborating member of the OW ZPAP and an active member of the artistic group “Młodzi Sztuką”. She is also a member of the Club of European Integration. In 2019 she received a diploma for her achievements from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Mag Wozniak has nearly 200 artistic projects to her name as well as individual and collective exhibitions, competitions and films presenting numerous artists and their works. As an art correspondent she related various cultural events. She is a curator of exhibitions, an animator of cultural events and charity campaigns. Promoter of culture and the arts, a publicist, an editor-in-chief and an owner of a cultural website – Art Imperium/Art Empire. Her paintings, drawings and photography are in private collections all over the world : USA, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Poland. 

Agnieszka Wyrwał graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She is a designer, creator of the brand “Aga Pou” and owner of the clothing company “Na Pokaz”/”For Show”, which successfully collaborates with numerous companies and advertising agencies in Poland and abroad, designing commercial and professional clothing. She creates praised collections which are regularly presented at the Polish and international “Fashion Weeks”. Agnieszka Wyrwał is a laureate of the Warsaw Talent Fashion Street Competition and the international Fashion Culture Competition. Her collections are highly regarded by the British and Italian Vogue magazine, and her fashion shows are presented on Fashion TV and Fashion One. As an expert she is often requested to judge TV competitions for young designers. One of her creations is an integral part of the Warsaw Ethnographic Museum’s permanent exhibition. Agnieszka Wyrwał has been collaborating with the Debutantes since the IInd edition of the Programme. 

Exhibition organiser : Power of Art 

Media Patronage :
Akademia Kobiet Skutecznych
Art Imperium
Klub Integracji Europejskiej
La Mode et la Diplomatie
Miesięcznik STOLICA
Pozytywny Wilanów
Designer Magazine Stockholm
Teraz Wilanów

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