October 1, 2023


The film set is undergoing hard work related to the production of Zbigniew Gajzler’s new film “WINNING”

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The film „WINNING” once again deals with the subject of a woman, after the film „I Love Life”. The content of this doc. is an attempt to present a study of a woman’s life during and after struggle and a hard struggle with alcohol addiction. This picture will contain many drastic scenes which the heroine of the film will have to face one more time.

It really requires a great sacrifice, but it is worth it because the finale of this fight leads the heroine to victory, hence the title Winning. This movie will break the usual stereotype about a drunk guy, an alcoholic … etc, and yet according to all statistics, the number of addicted women and teenagers to heavy alcohol is growing at an alarming rate.

Film produced by MACROFILM PRODUCTION, dir. Zbigniew Gajzler, camera- Witold Szulc, music- Michał Lorenc, film producers: Zbigniew Gajzler and Anna Bober Davis

Ewa Szulc, Zbigniew Gajzler
Ewa Szulc, dir. Zbigniew Gajzler
Zbigniew Gajzler’s friends
on the set of WINNING

The director himself played the role of a bum, meeting with great sympathy. People who were not on the subject, sneaking past the film set, thought … why did such a wonderful man as Zbigniew fall so low? … It was funny when one lady offered him dinner in a nearby milk bar. In short, there are still good-hearted people in this world.

Director Zbigniew Gajzler in his own make-up 

I am going to quote the director’s beautiful words, which he once said to me … We people of honor, we know how to respect each other ….

The protagonist of the film Katarzyna Kowalska, director Zbigniew Gajzler

Alcoholism is a disease that causes many family problems and environmental difficulty is a well-known disease that affects both men and women. You can also become a co-addict. Alcohol is rooted in the culture of many countries, therefore drinking alcohol is completely normal, there is so-called full consent to the consumption of this psychoactive drug. More and more people are consuming it, including children and adolescents.

Ewa Szulc, dir. Zbigniew Gajzler, Witold Szulc
The protagonist of the film Katarzyna Kowalska, director Zbigniew Gajzler
Ewa Szulc, dir. Zbigniew Gajzler, Witold Szulc

The subject of the new film by Zbigniew Gajzler WINNING concerns the alcoholism of WOMEN, who in fact nowadays consume alcohol in massive amounts, alcohol literally flows in streams. A drinking woman loses class and charm and her health and all relationships with other people. Pathological changes in internal organs are colossal, they mostly lose their hair and teeth. Unfortunately, many women do not know that the damage caused by drinking, and strong drinks in the body is destructive to their health, especially the health of future mothers.

Many factors influence alcoholism, but it has been scientifically proven that the degree of subjective attraction to alcohol is proportional to a person’s emotional difficulties. The problem affects an increasing part of society, including more and more women.

Statistics show that today’s drug addiction patient is often educated and well-off person. The consequences of drinking alcohol are dire consequences, primarily the demoralization of children, family breakdown, drug addiction, crime, and suicide. Alcohol often becomes an attempt to escape from problems. Cultural phenomena promote common patterns of alcohol consumption. For centuries, we have had a lot of customs and traditions related to its consumption.

The protagonist of the film Katarzyna Kowalska, dir Zbigniew Gajzler
dir. Zbigniew Gajzler on the set of WINNING
Zosia – granddaughter of director Zbigniew Gajzler.
The protagonist of the film Katarzyna Kowalska, director Zbigniew Gajzler

Halina Bartoszek Rosa / The President of the Foundation for the Support of Culture and the International Cooperation

01.10.2021 Stockholm

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