October 1, 2023


SIF Scandinavian International Fashion Week by an amazing Sonja Andersson

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Scandinavian International Fashion week has a face, she is the brain and founder behind it, the one who started the concept of international fashion week in Sweden.

Sonja Andersson

In July 2019 she give life to Scandinavian International Fashion Week, the event that took place in our prestigious Stockholm City Hall. She is a fashion designer who moved to Sweden when she was 7 years old with her family. Her father was an embassy official in Sweden and her mother is a fashion designer. Her name is Sonja Andersson and together with SIF, she makes dreams come true. A woman with a big heart but also with a strong personality.

Sonja Andersson: I had the pleasure to present my designs at the Cannes Film Festival, 2018. I did also stage my 2018 collection in Spain and Portugal. Truth is, I love fashion! And I love people. And for some time, I thought to myself… What if we could find the human side of fashion… What if we could help others to express themselves through fashion design, no matter their geographical locations, opportunities, finances…  What a dream! My dream has now materialized into a concept. A concept that intertwines fashion, red carpet, and charity. Welcome to SIF! Be part of this amazing journey!

I’m not a visionary designer, as some may say. I’d rather think of myself as a dreamer, a hands-on dreamer designer.

The Awards. Scandinavian International Fashion Week (SIF) always recognizes the hard work and dedication behind each creation with an award. @sifashionweek

The Scandinavian International Fashion Week aims at showcasing the art of fashion designers from all around the globe.

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Sergels Torg Norrmalm, 111 57 Stockholm 14 Maj 2022
The Scandinavian International Fashion Week,

Held at the Stockholm City Hall, the event starts with 2 catwalk days and ends with a prize award gala dinner. The most outstanding designers, make-up artists, and models will be recognized through SIF’s Creative Fashion Award. The award ceremony takes place at the Golden Hall, where the traditional dance following the Nobel Banquet takes place.

The Scandinavian International Fashion Week will be followed by annual events, including each of them, the two driving factors at SIF: Fashion and Charity.


22.05.2022 Stockholm

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