October 1, 2023


Luis Huamantumba Jáuregui, plastic artist, industrial designer, from Peru.

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I am Luis Huamantumba Jáuregui, a plastic artist, industrial designer, from Peru. I spent my childhood between Marcona and Nazca. Marcona is a port in a bay surrounded by marine nature, with spectacular sunsets full of incredible colors, beaches surrounded by stone figures, patiently carved by the waves of the sea, every stone or rock that I found in the place had life, they were whimsical organic forms (some of them were fossils).

And the experiences in Nazca are also numerous, I learned to mold clay, the secrets of ceramics, I enjoyed its great cultural legacy.

My pseudonym is „Oasis” because I always felt that way in that environment, in these places I had an immense world to explore, there was no greater distraction than observing, emulating, admiring, interpreting; it was a synergy with nature. I learned from my cabinetmaker father the art of making wooden furniture, the smell of wood is the intoxicating fragrance that always existed in the workshop, the tools were my favorite toys, which allowed me to explore different ways of working. The carving was always a pleasure.

I am currently a professor at a prestigious Institution of Design and Architecture in Lima, where my specialization is in materials technology, furniture design, and prototype development. I studied Industrial Design at one of the best universities in the country and perfected the plastic arts at the School of Fine Arts in Lima.

I love simple things and I think that the artist or the people are the ones who give the appropriate value to the materials, according to their degree of sensitivity and their life experiences.

I consider myself an „industrial artist” because I combine traditional art with contemporary industrial creation, I use my email with that name: artistaindustrial@gmail.com

Musical instruments are my passion, both to play and to make them. Man has excellent tools: his hands, which evolved over the centuries to perfection, I believe that technology is just a compliment, what is done by hand will always have immense value, because it is backed by a thinking mind and sensitivity.

„Artists are fortunate because sometimes they can escape a little from reality by entering a creative world, and then return to reality already strengthened and renewed”

The world without art would not be the same: music, design, theater, painting, sculpture, dance, all creative manifestations, make life more bearable. The best achievements, the best inventions, the greatest reactions to a need occur precisely in times of crisis because it is very true that „necessity sharpens ingenuity.

I am currently working on a digital animation project with the stop motion technique. I have a character who was born precisely in the middle of the pandemic called „Pichiw” which in Quechua means little bird, a combination of sculpture and digital animation.
Pichiw is a naughty and dreamy girl, she likes music, dance, animals, nature, art in general. Pichiw, will tell the new generations how the world was right now. Video editing gives us another way to reach many people with a positive message.
I have portrayed historical and representative characters of my beloved Peru. I like to combine all the arts, sculpture, painting, digital art, videos, music, they are all compatible, and mixing them harmoniously will always give good results.

I practice all arts, including martial arts and culinary arts. The greatest teacher is life with its daily walk, with experimentation, with successes and failures, and a lot of perseverance. The recommendation that I always give my students is that they investigate and plan what is going to be created, making the most of the materials, especially the natural ones that take time and life to obtain and the artificial ones that generally consume a lot of energy. Bet on sustainable design. Art is not meant to be secretly kept, it should be shared and enjoyed, so the future generations will feel inspired to create their own art.

Thank you Luis for sharing your amazing art with us.

Cel: +51 933 691 432
E-mail: artistaindustrial@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Artistaindustrial

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