September 29, 2023


Dr. Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén.

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A great man of letters whom the whole world knows for his optimism, reformative views, and vision.

Dr. Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén is a lawyer, journalist, poet, and writer from Peru, Founding, Executive President of the Hispanomundial Union of Writers (UHE), Co-President of the World Nations Writers Union of Kazakhstan, Global Ambassador of Peace in the Peru of the Universal Ambassadors Circle Geneva, Switzerland; Paris – France and President in America of the National Association of Spanish’ Poets.


He has devoted his entire life to uplift the vision and moral conduct of humanity. He has performed his role through the essence of his pen, he is a radiant rose in the rose garden that attracts every devotee of nature, he is a torch-bearer who guides those who tumble in the darkness, he offers to the thirsty the drink of metaphors and similes and nourishes their souls, he pours into ears of the listener’s mellowness of his verses.

“To be a poet, you don’t have to study on the best college in the world or be richest on the earth, you must only have character of God in your heart to create words out of nothing.”
A quote by Dr.Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén

Dr.Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén is an author of 21 poetry books, 5 novels, 14 esseys and 1 short story.

As a poet, he is considered a benchmark of Continental and World Poetry. A national and international laureate, he has developed for half a century a formidable work of literary production and promotion, which has earned him to be considered in influent intellectual media as “The new literary voice” of America and the world in this century recognizing him as the Creator of the so-called “Literature of the Totality”.

He is an emeritus journalist of the North and South Americas (UNESCO, Puerto Rico 2014), with more than 40 years of experience, specialized in planning communication and image actions and writing articles for newspapers and magazines; Correspondent for “Fortín Mapocho” from Santiago de Chile and Columnist of the newspaper “Correo” of Tumbes. Secretary-General of the Federated Center of Journalists of Tumbes, attached to the Federation of Journalists of Peru (2009). Member of the Federation of Journalists of Peru (FPP) and the College of Journalists of Peru (CPP).

An lawyer, journalist, poet and writer from Peru.

He is also a lawyer with more than 40 years of experience in Human Resources, Business Management, administration of public and private companies, and Municipal Management, in five Municipalities and two Universities in the country. Past Dean of the Tumbes Bar Association, Peru but Dr.Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén has above all an apt heart and open-mindedness for all, friends and foes, he has unflinching faith in love that is why he preaches through his words affection for all, he is an ambassador of peace and harmony. His persona requires time in a great deal to enumerate his traits as he has become a perennial character, the world will remember him even after a thousand years, his work, love, and devotion have made him unforgettable, not only he lives in hearts but also he reigns on the heart.

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