June 9, 2023


Grand Premiere of Zbigniew Gajzler’s documentary She Wins 15/01/2023 Pabianice

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a few days since the Grand Premiere of Zbigniew Gajzler’s documentary entitled She Wins. It took place in Pabianice on January 15, 2023, in the beautiful Helios cinema. Finally, after a year and a half of intensive work, we could see the film on the screen of the Helios cinema. The film’s premiere event was attended by many guests from Poland and abroad, which gave the event an international atmosphere. Thank you all for coming and supporting this great initiative. There is no Us without You!


Polish premiere of the film (English title SHE WINS) – Premiere in Hollywood soon.There is nothing more beautiful than the great success of a work in which you put your whole heart and soul. The Polish premiere of The film She Wins directed by Zbigniew Gajzler in collaboration with the Hollywood producer Anna Davis with music by Michał Lorenc exceeded all expectations. The largest cinema hall is filled to the brim and in front of the cinema there is a crowd of people who have not been able to enter due to lack of seats. I am so happy to be a part of this very wonderful film project. A film that touches on a very delicate problem, which is alcoholism among women. Showing this topic from the psychological side, reaching the very source of the drama of many women from different social strata was a challenge, but faith in the rightness of the goal and hard work always bear fruit. Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka – a world-renowned poet/ Zbigniew Gajzler


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We would like to express our special thanks to the lovers of Polish cinema, who took their seats honorably to watch the touching story of Kasia Kowalska, who fights with alcohol addiction, together with the filmmakers and the organizers of the event.

Special thanks to the director of the cinema for putting forward a proposal to broadcast the film in the HELIOS cinema. It is the largest cinema chain in Poland.

Everyone who made a contribution to make the film possible, starting from the very idea of ​​the director, actors, recording crew, Halina Rosa foundation, DESIGNER magazine, donors, and sponsors, was especially appreciated. The donors and sponsors were awarded diplomas of thanks and occasional diamonds.

The premiere event of the film was honored with her extraordinary personality by the heroine of the previous film by Zbigniew Gajzler entitled I love lifeMarzenka Lewandowska.

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We could write a lot, but let’s focus on the general outline and message of the film. The main character of the documentary is Kasia Kowalska, who told the viewers the true story of her life and deserves great applause here. The director repeatedly emphasized that he spent a lot of time talking with Kasia so Kasia finally agreed to present her story in public. We support Kasia with all our hearts and appreciate her courage. The goal of the director and Kasia is to save women from alcohol addiction. Alcoholism among women is growing at an astonishing rate. The film has a strong social message and is aimed at women and the young generation.

Kasia Kowalska is not only a real star but also a successful woman! She overcame her weakness and showed that you can get out of addiction. Like every POLISH MOTHER, she will do anything for her child, she decided to give up alcohol for her daughter. Today, daughter Julia is already a beautiful mature girl.


The film stars: Katarzyna Tkacz, Lillian Misiewicz, Wiesława Różańska, Ewa Szulc, Anna Skórnica, Barbara Tokarczyk, Marlena Duliba, Joanna Kupiś, Leszek Senenko, Paweł Piechocki, Andrzej Gajzler, Krzysztof Wilczura, special guest Anna Bober Davis. Big Applause for them.

The director’s daughter Emilia and her husband also attended the premiere of the film She Wins.

The greatest applause and thanks go to the youngest actress, the director’s beloved granddaughter Zosia, who won hearts with her acting.

I am very proud of my granddaughter that the scenes with her participation capture the heart and arouse great sympathy / Zbigniew Gajzler


Each episode was an important element of the whole picture, in one of them there is Ania Skurnica / Zbigniew Gajzler

Film producers: Zbigniew Gajzler, Anna Bober Davis

Works related to filming, sound, and photography: Witold Szulc, amazing music composed by Michał Lorenz

Director’s assistant: Ewa Szulc

You will see more important names in the end credits of the film.

photo/ Andrzej Śniady Photography

This beautiful, loving bouquet was prepared by the Florist “MAgat” Agata Cander for Mrs. Kasia.

The topic of alcohol addiction is rather uncomfortable and is often taken up by great directors of world cinema, after all, they also have to take into account a possible failure, the greater the recognition of their courage.

The premiere and the film itself could not have been made without the friendship of people and institutions that supported this beautiful initiative financially. One of them is Mrs. Anna Kolisz, a great Business Personality from Mielec, and Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka, the Ambassador of the DESIGNER/POETRY branch, who came to the premiere from Denmark.

The sponsors played a great role in the organization of the event, financially supporting the premiere of the film. Special thanks to The Best Chef, Bogdan Anop, Dance Vision World foundation, Institut EsoPositiv – Celeste, Self-healing & Vibration Professional Clinic.

Many thanks to the donors of the Pabianice District, the Municipal Office in Pabianice, Yvette Popławska Virtualia ART, Anna Kolisz, Aneta Małek, Joanna Iskra, Dr Agnieszka Malczewska-Błaszczyk, Jolanta Stankiewicz, Małgorzata Kłusek, Agnieszka Marciniak, Teresa Łapsa, Izabela Maria Szczepańska, Łucja Dybla, Alicja Semczyk, Magdalena Szczepanik, Paweł Piechocki, Tadeusz Twardocha, Stanisław Zimoch, Lucyna Wachnicka, Kazimiera Drężek, Krzysztof Oleśiński, Adam Topolski, and Witold Kosmalski.

Special thanks for the care and commitment to Halina Bartoszek Rosa, Anna Kalisz, Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Jaworka, Lillien Misiewicz, Wiesława Różańska, TGIS catering GRBart, Bare Karma, Isabelle Ruen Photography, The Best Chef, Bogdana Anopa.

The honorary patronage over the film production was taken by the Foundation for Supporting Culture and International Cooperation. Halina Rosa

Fabryka Wełny Hotel & Spa is a beautiful five-star resort. Thanks to their hospitality, we were able to have a celebratory dinner with the film’s heroes and VIP guests. Here we would like to thank Agnieszka Knap, who made sure everything was perfect and made every effort to make the guests who came to the premiere feel at home. Great appreciation for her and respect for her contribution to the common good.

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We want even more such films that bring hope for a better tomorrow. Further international presentations of the film are planned in different countries, such as Los Angeles, England, Sweden, and Peru- Sofia Calvo, Editor-in-Chief of the DESIGNER PERU department.

Anna Bober Davis, the producer of the film She Wins, came all the way from the United States with her family. Thank you very much for taking an honorable position and promoting the documentary film outside Poland, namely in Los Angeles.

During the premiere event of the film, Zbigniew Gajzler was presented with an occasional diamond by the president of the foundation, Halina Bartoszek Rosa, in gratitude for the great cooperation, trust, and personality, and for the film he directed, we have great sympathy and respect for him. Zbigniew Gajzler loves the beauty of women, and he devotes all his films to them. He is a man who can attach wings to a woman so that she can fly.

We men of honor know how to respect each other / Zbigbniew Gajzler

The DESIGNER Stockholm magazine took the media patronage and here we would like to express special thanks to all photographers, photojournalists, and Internet portals who came to the event. Małgorzata Szynka Photography, Andrzej Śniady Photography, Life of Pabianice , New Life Pabianice.

We would also like to thank the FARMASI company, which gave a beautiful gift to the president of the foundation, and to Agnieszka Knap, who took care of relaxing for her in the Factory of Woll. She was personally thanked by the director at the gala dinner for her contribution to the organization of this event.

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. Occasional diamonds were also awarded to the editorial team of the DESIGNER magazine for cooperation and international promotion of Zbigniew Gajzler’s films, and here we would like to thank Dr Agnieszka Malczewska-Błaszczyk, who wrote a review of all his films. You can read them at http://www.thedesigner.se.

Photos: Małgorzata Szynka and Andrzej Śniady, we also thank them very much for the effort of taking so many beautiful photos.


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