October 1, 2023



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The Polish National Team Camp took place on the 13th of May in Światowid the Center of European Meetings in Elbląg and was organized by a Polish Dance Sport Federation FTS under the leading of Antoni Czyżyk the President of FTS. Designer Magazine had the opportunity to join this event and enjoyed knowledge sharing. We had approximately 200 dancers from different cities even countries and different levels.

Polish National Team Latin Federation Sport Dance

The agenda of the camp for four days was divided into group and private lessons in Standard and Latin dancing. Every time there is a guest top teachers, this time it were Iwona Golczak, Lasse Odegaard, Emanuel Valeri, Sergej Milicija, Peter Stokkebroe and Pietro Braga. 

Every teacher put a lot of attention to technical details of course but also musicality. According to us this time the most important subjects were “Energy, spiritual approach” by Iwona Golczak and “Musicality playing with timing” by Emanual Valeri

FTS Camp Iwona Golczak

Iwona talked about both physical and mental aspects, energy, and spiritual approach within dancing. This subject touched our hearts, we believe it would be included often in our education and camps as it expects from us to be both technically correct and authentic. We are not aware of how our energy impacts each other. Iwona together with Peter mentioned also the aspect of partnering from the leader and follower perspective. Many times we can observe a lot of focus on the leader so it was much appreciated that both partner’s responsibilities were described and how different signals impact our movement and dancing.

Emanual talked about playing with the time in different music, dance, rhythms, this was also interesting to watch how we can modify our interpretation of music and express it in our bodies.

The event was organized in a beautiful place with a big dancefloor and with high quality as usually based on the strong experience of Antoni Czyżyk who is also a trainer and international dance judge, organizer of The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) championship tournaments in Poland and the WDSF ranking tournaments – Baltic Cup International Dance Festival. It was very appreciated by all dancers who missed live dancing under pandemic. 

We were impressed by the quantity of well-trained, engaged dancers in both disciplines. We have seen the power, love, passion, good quality of technique, good energy, commitment to dance despite these difficult times.

Designer Magazine thank Studio PM Photography for beautiful pictures, by Diana Kicia.

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