October 1, 2023



The International Quality Camp took place on the 28th-30th of December in Warsaw. It was organized by a Polish couple of professionals Aleksandra and Lukas Tomczak Vice World Champions in Ballroom Dancing. The camp takes place in Warsaw four to six times a year. Designer Magazine had the opportunity to join this event and enjoyed knowledge sharing. We had approximately twenty couples from different countries and on different levels.
The agenda of the camp for three days was divided into group and private lessons in Standard dancing. From time to time there is a guest teacher from Poland or abroad, this time it was Stefano Terrazzino.

Lukas and Aleksandra put a lot of attention to technical details. This time the group lesson subjects were Feeling the Timing, Timing the Feeling, and Mechanics in English Waltz and Slowfox. We could observe Lukas dedication to their couples during one of the private lessons, he supports his students with the equipment called Strong Frame to train a leader’s frame while dancing the Quickstep. Aleksandra uses to complete many of Lukas’s explanations during knowledge sharing, which is helpful for the follower.

Our International Correspondent Diana Kicia had the honor to conduct a short interview with Aleksandra Tomczak

  1. When did you start to dance?
  2. When I was a child 25 years ago, I started in Gracja Krosno, Poland (my hometown).
  3. How long did you dance in a couple with Lukas?

We have been dancing together for fifteen years. We are happy to share our passion and love and spread if on the dance floor. We are marriage since 2016.

  1. What are your biggest achievements?

We are a Vice-World Champions, European Vice-Champions and Polish Champions.

  1. What are your goals?

Our goal is to develop ourselves as dancers and dance teachers. We would love to be happy while on the go and when we talk about results goals we want to win!

  1. How often do you organize the International Quality Camp, does it happen in Step and Swing?

We organize the camp four to six times a year in Warsaw. We invite also to the camp different guest teachers like recently Michal Malitowski, Stefano Terrazzino, and our international teachers. The next Camp will be at the end of January 2021. We also teach in AirDance online.

Thank you Aleksandra and Lukas Tomczak for sharing your experiences with Designer magazine.

Diana Kicia.

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