September 29, 2023


Creative Waves/ an inspirational meeting on the 21st of May!

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On May 21th 2022 the project partners @Halina Rosa, @Wieslawa Tokarska @Lucyna Wachnicka @Beata Nawrocka @Kazimiera Drężek @Josefin Holmström, and Pixie met again within the project Creative Waves: Baltic Sisterhood for Change.

@Halina Rosa, @Wieslawa Tokarska @Lucyna Wachnicka @Beata Nawrocka @Kazimiera Drężek, Natalia Janiszek, @Josefin Holmström, and Pixie

The meeting was about the digitalization of art and how to use social media for marketing artworks or companies. Participants consider meetings, information exchange, and learning processes as important and useful, and they are interested in continuing the process. Participants express the need to develop skills of two types: technological (e.g. learning algorithms to use social media more effectively, create and develop individual brands) and conceptual (how to link history and traditional crafts with contemporary world and situation, given locality, its natural, historical and cultural heritage, how to redefine practices and heritage.

@Josefin Holmström
Halina Rosa

Until now, creative women, during the workshops, have met with a local partner. In May, we wanted to see them all and, in a beautiful atmosphere, share our experiences, impressions, and conclusions from the project activities so far.

Iwona Preis – Intercult Productions is the leader of the project – made the introduction to the project and the webinars.

Check CW project partners’ web pages and social media for more information:

Funded by the CBSS Small Project Facility

22.05.2022 Stockholm/ Halina Bartoszek Rosa

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