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Contest – Photo Walk with tasks – Angel Jewelry and Nature in Sthlm’s botanical gardens

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We invite professional and amateur photographers to participate in Camera Shift Contest – Photo Walk with tasks – Angel Jewelry and Nature in Stockholm’s botanical gardens – new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences, new inspirations, and new photos for the portfolio are only some of the benefits of participating in our event!

Choose the best ticket on www.Billetto.se/ June 19, 2021

Rules of participation and prizes: Contest – Photo Walk with tasks – Angel Jewelry and Nature in Sthlm’s botanical gardens

During Photo Walk, in the extraordinary scenery of Stockholm’s botanical gardens, where new specimens bloom almost every day, our model will be Jolanta Stankiewicz – an art painter living in Sweden, founder of Angelic Harbor/ Anielska Przystań – an original web gallery, and one of the topics of the meeting will be her original Angel Jewelry created from semi-precious stones. The intention of Jolanta Stankiewicz is to move the hearts of recipients thanks to her work, to shift their attention to the world of colors, shapes and media structures which she creates and to stop for a moment in this magical place of power. When creating jewelry, she also attaches great importance to the positive energy power of individual stones.

Jolanta Stankiewicz

Jolanta’s mission is to help those who are particularly in need. For several years, she has been supporting two foundations in Poland: Caring Wings and You Are an Angel – Hospice Pomorze Dzieciom.

She has been painting since childhood and, as she says about herself: By God’s will, an artistic soul. She exhibits her works at individual and collective exhibitions in Sweden. She loves the time when she locks herself in her studio and allows herself to dance the brush across the canvas in silence. She is inspired by nature, closeness with other people and the art of other outstanding people, such as Salvador Dali, Edward Munch and Gustav Klimt.


Camera Shift Photo Walks/ events are led by Mag Wozniak – a visual artist for whom painting, graphics, new media, photography and design are the most important. A member of the Svenska Fotografers Förbund and is a member of several other associations for artists. Initiator and organizer of the Power of Art projects. Member of the European Integration Club. In 2019, she was awarded a Diploma for Merit by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

She has almost 200 artistic projects to her credit – individual and collective exhibitions, competitions, films presenting the profiles of artists, their works, as well as reports from cultural events. Curator of exhibitions, animator of cultural events and charity actions.

Media patronage: Stockholm Designer Magazine

More: www.CameraShift.com

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