June 10, 2023


Christina Winterfell has recently announced a new single: “Life At The Top.” 

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After a few years of silence from the public, she is now showing her versatility again. and is now back in her creative spirit as an artist and singer Christina Winterfell has recently announced a new single: “Life At The Top”.

The track has a very upbeat and melodic sound, which captures the energy of rock and the melodies of pop with an indie flair. The instrumental features a very driven arrangement, with edgy drums and soaring guitar tones. In addition, Christina’s vocals are incredibly present and sultry, bringing so much passion and emotion to the track. She matches the energy of the instruments, but also adds an additional dimension to “Life At The Top” with her ability to sing in a very personal way. In an exclusive release party on Hôtel Reisen, Bar Brahe in Stockholm on the 28th of April on the release of the single she performed and celebrated her comeback.

“If you like that kind of 80s-smelling rock pop, you should definitely listen to the new single Life at the Top with Christina Winterfell.

With a strong melody and a great feeling of the 80s, which is built up here by synths, electric guitar, and dramatic strings, it really puts the finishing touches on the production. On it all, Christina offers us wonderful energy, as well as a strong, cocky voice that goes hand in hand with the rest of the song”

Learn more about Christina Winterfell’s music, and don’t miss out on “Life At The Top,” which will be available on streaming services soon.

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30.04.2023 Stockholm

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