December 11, 2023


Ceremonial screening of Zbigniew Gajzler’s film She Wins at Kinoteka in Warsaw on March 19, 2023

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Ladies and gentlemen, 2 months have passed since the Grand Premiere of Zbigniew Gajzler’s documentary entitled. She Wins. It took place in Pabianice on January 15, 2023, in the beautiful Helios cinema. The re-show of the film took place in the prestigious Warsaw Kinoteka on March 19, 2023, in Warsaw.

Palace of Culture and Science,  PKiN Warsaw

Many guests from Poland and abroad came to the ceremonial screening of She Wins at the prestigious Kinoteka, which gave the event an international atmosphere. Among others, the special guest was Therese Neaimé, a world-class Swedish-Lebanese singer and actress who performed her premiere remix song Dance Love, and French fashion designer Fabienne Troncy. Thank you all for coming and supporting this great initiative!

Therese Neaimé dress designed by

The main character of the documentary is Kasia Kowalska, who told the viewers the true story of her life and deserves great applause here. 

The film stars:  Katarzyna Tkacz, Lillian Misiewicz, Wiesława Różańska, Ewa Szulc, Anna Skórnica, Barbara Tokarczyk, Marlena Duliba, Joanna Kupś, Leszek Senenko, Paweł Piechocki, Andrzej Gajzler, Krzysztof Wilczura, special guest Anna Bober Davis.  Big Applause for them. The greatest applause and thanks go to the youngest actress, the director’s beloved granddaughter Zosia, who won hearts with her acting. The producers of the film are Zbigniew Gajzler and Anna Bober Davis. Works related to filming, sound, and photography:  Witold Szulc, music  Michał Lorenz. Director’s assistant:  Ewa Szulc, you will see more important names in the film’s end credits. 

This is the last sincere thanks to the sponsors and donors of the film premiere in Pabianice and the screening in Kinoteka when it comes to supporting this film production, it’s time for more international conquests!

Giving flowers and gifts to the protagonist of the film, Mrs. Katarzyna Kowalska, and the director of the Denique beauty salon.
President of the Foundation Halina Bartoszek, director Zbigniew Gajzler, coordinator of the film screening Agnieszka Knap.
Discussion panel after the film screening, the director reveals his latest plans.

Sponsors and donors played a great role in financially supporting the production of the film. They did it with great pleasure, striving with sympathy for the Halina Rosa Foundation.

Many thanks to all donors:  Anna Kolisz, Yvette Popławska Virtualia ART, Aneta Małek, Joanna Iskra, Dr. Agnieszka Malczewska-Błaszczyk, Iva Bruno Pomorski, Ilona Joanna Adamska, Jolanta Stankiewicz, Małgorzata Kłusek, Agnieszka Marciniak, Teresa Łapsa, Izabela Maria Szczepańska, Łucja Dybla, Alicja Semczyk, Magdalena Szczepanik, Paweł Piechocki, Tadeusz Twardocha, Stanisław Zimoch, Lucyna Wachnicka, Kazimiera Drężek, Krzysztof Oleśiński, Adam Topolski, Witold Kosmalski.

Thanks to the sponsors: Kinoteka, Helios cinema, The Best Chef, Bogdana Anopa, Dance Vision World foundation, Institut EsoPositiv – Celeste, Self-healing & Vibration Professional Clinic, LAW BUSINESS QUALITY / IMPERIUM KOBIET, Business Women’s Club.

Special thanks for the care and commitment to  Halina Bartoszek Rosa, Anna Kalisz, Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Jaworka, Lillien Misiewicz, Wiesława Różańska, TGIS catering GRBart, Bare Karma, Isabelle Ruen Photography, The Best Chef, Bogdan Anopa, DENIQUE Beauty Salons.

The honorary patronage over the film production was taken by the Foundation for Supporting Culture and International Cooperation. Halina Rosa and Designer Stockholm magazine. 

We would like to thank Agnieszka Knap, the coordinator of the film screening Pabianice, Kinoteka /Warszawa, who made sure everything was perfect and made every effort to make the guests feel at home.

Agnes Knap

We would like to thank all the photographers, photojournalists, and internet portals who came to the event. Małgorzata Szynka Photography, Andrzej Śniady Photography.

Thank you very much for the wonderful treatments at the DENIQUE Beauty Salon!!!

Many thanks to media patronage:

Telewizja ATV limited liability company with its registered office in Warsaw

The Designer

European Club of Business Women

Law Business Quality – the magazine of successful people

“Fashion and Diplomacy”

Photo report from the film screening/ Halina Rosa

Therese Neaimé , Lillian Misiewicz
Dr. Agnieszka Malczewska-Błaszczyk, Therese Neaimé, Halina Bartoszek Rosa
Dr. Agnieszka Malczewska-Błaszczyk, Therese Neaimé , Lillien Misiewicz
Maciej Jabłoński hair stylist
Dorota Karolina Wysocka from Therese Neaimé

Joanna Rajska VictoriaTV
Maciej Jabłoński hairstylist, Agnieszka Knap

Therese Neaimé hosted the NOVOTEL hotel

22.03.2023 Stockholm

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