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Alexander Skiöldsparr-Irving ART.

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Alexander Skiöldsparr- Irving is a Swedish designer living outside of Stockholm with his husband Antony and two dogs. He started to paint at the age of six because his grandmother was an artist who was teaching him about pencils and basic techniques in oils. They were painting together in the lake or in the kitchen. She died when Alexander was 9 years old. However, she managed to teach him a lot about painting at the same time living her beautiful passion over to the next generation which today brings joy and harmony into Alexander’s life.

We had the honor to meet Alexander and talk about his art. It is exciting and fascinating to read a message in his creations. One of them which intrigued us was “Wrestling” which some people say it presents two big bulls that are wrestling together, the other two mountains, some people find it masculine and other soft. He expresses that “this has two bulls fighting each other but at the same time it is a sensitive picture”. Alexander has a real artistic soul, full of empathy, there is no direct message in his creations. He shares his art and gives freedom to the reader to interpret it in their way.

Below you can find our interview with Alexander conducted by Diana Kicia.

What does artistic creation mean for you?

Artistic creation for me is a way of escaping the world as it is today, but also much more. During long nights of artistic creation, I heal myself in a way that no therapist or drug can. A lot of my artistic work is about relieving myself of anxiety and pain. It might sound weird, but in a strange way when I empty a tube of color on the canvas it is very relieving. Sometimes when I do it I cry, sometimes I laugh. Regardless of any emotions, I feel at a particular time, my creativity gives me the possibility to harness them to communicate in different forms my reaction to my feelings.

For whom you relate and why you create?

My creations are purely selfish to start with, they are for my own pleasure or disappointment as each piece I create is an extension of myself. The observer of my work, they have the freedom to feel and react accordingly and chose how they relate to my pieces.

I relate to people who are curious and like to question things in life- no matter if it is art or literature. I have a wide range of followers and buyers of my art. Top politicians buy my art, waiters and farmers buy it.

What shopping themes drives your customer?

Most people that enjoy my artwork are for the most part searching for a release of their own emotions, but with a harmony of an esthetic value that does not overload them.

How many challenges do you take in the age of contemporary art?

I just recently started to work more with my camera. Creating combinations of photography and paintings. I do not feel secure yet that this might be a good combination, but I feel an urge to try.

I have never really seen my creativity limited by one form of expression or by being connected to a specific style of art like that for me is limiting and I want the freedom to create with everything I see.

What do you want to achieve, what specific goals do you want to gain through your artistic creation?

I don’t really see my artwork as a career with goals and specific targets for achievement. Each piece, each second I use is an extension of my life and it happens when it happens.

It is not something I control or manipulate.

I want people to start asking themselves what can art do for you? People, in general, are quite good at judging public artwork, many times in a negative way I think. I think they should start to ask themselves:

-What can art do for me?

What is art doing for people?

Do you treat your passion in an entrepreneurial way?

I have never treated my passion as a business as for me it has been a personal and intimate experience. However, my husband convinced me to start my own gallery to present my artwork to other people, and since I did that there has been quite an interest in my pieces.

What themes are your favourite themes in art?

The majority of my themes are created through black and white where the balance finds its own natural flow. Should I use a color it’s often connected with an emotion and a feeling that intertwines with the flow, harmonizing with the balance or disrupting it.

Whom you support the most, who you want to reach by creating your art?

I have no particular group or segment of the art world I wish to impress as my artwork is my truth and my creativity. And I challenge myself instead of living up to external expectations.

Men have great strength.

As a man,I never limited myself to the predated expectations of masculinity. I have a myriad of feelings, emotions, and experiences that make me the human being that I am. And I do not let the restrictions of manhood limit me.

Can your work find a commercial place in many fields?

I have been surprised by the interest in my pieces as for myself they are pure enjoyment, however,there are certain companies that are now starting using my artwork in commercial products such as bed linens.

What your art gives the customer, what will it properly communicate to him?

I don’t expect my artwork to give the observer anything more than an initial reaction of curiosity. Everything after that is a bonus.

What makes you different on the market?

I have never been sure what makes my artwork or the pieces I create different or unique in relation to others as I am what I am and I do not compare myself to others.

Its for others to decide what is unique.

For me it is what it is.

Where we can see your artwork?

Several pieces of my artwork are now on exhibition in different lobbies for office buildings, hotels, and restaurants. At the same time, several of my prints have been purchased by private individuals.

What is more important to you; artistic creation or job?

I do not live for my artwork. Nor do I try to live off my artwork. My creativity is something I do. It is a part of me, it is not a product I deliver for an income. It is what it is as I said before, It is mine and I invite you to share it with me.

Did you ever consider to do creations of paintings of dancers ?

I discussed this with my husband who is a dance teacher and started to do some paintings of dancers four weeks ago. I am thinking of doing a series of paintings with only dancers. The purpose is to bring life, the human body, and the beauty of artistic expression in dance into some of my creations.

To find more about Alexander’s creations please visit createdbyalexander.se

Alexander Skiöldsparr-Irving

November 8th 2020

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