September 28, 2023


Wiesława Tokarska is an artist with so many different talents!

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Wiesława Tokarska

Culture Day at Intercult!

Wieslawa Tokarska is an artist with so many different talents! Her projects are colorful, versatile, and very creative. We were enjoying to take part in her inspirational meeting/workshop together with Halina Rosa Art Saturday the 23rd of April at Intercult’s office in Södermalm! We were making jewelry from felt and precious stones, together with 12 lovely girls! Josefin Holmström, Wieslawa Tokarska Halina Rosa Art.

The next time is May 21rst and everyone interested is welcome to learn about Snapchat and Instagram!

For more info look here:

Iwona Preis has run regional projects focusing on the export of goods and services to Poland and the Baltics working with company establishments and market reports and with building partnerships between authorities and organizations on both sides of the Baltic Sea. Iwona has experience in running EU projects from idea to application and implementation in the labor market, culture, skills development, integration, and gender equality. Iwona’s area of ​​expertise is Poland, with structural funds as an extensive element in the country’s economy.

Funded by Council of the Baltic Sea StatesEuroregion Baltic – ERBNadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury @ENUT


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