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We select sustainable farmers who work in a socially & environmentally responsible manner in Ecuador

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Gustavo  Marun Cozzarelli

CEO & Co-founder

Founding partner at Harvest of Ecuador AB, visionary agricultural expert. Italian-Ecuadorian nationality, move to Sweden in 2017. Charismatic, inspirational & reliable might be the bigger assets in his personality. Was part of the beginning to develop the brand Chocolate SAN JOSE, which is part of his longtime family business & tradition.


We are a married couple, both with European family backgrounds who were born & raised in Ecuador, learn about their culture, and nature & fell in love with the mega-diverse country. Eventually decided to move back to Europe so we agreed it was a good time to promote the country giving back all it gave us and what we learned from it. 

We want to share with the world the importance of this small country for the planet and all that it has to offer. 

We trusted that a good starting point & audience would be Europe. We truly believe that the world can be a better place and we are confident that the changes must start by protecting the environment, starting with mega-diverse countries with several protected areas like The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Throughout the years we realize the only way of preserving the environment & humanity is by becoming sustainable. 

Along the way, we have found fellows & partners who want to join the mission and share the same values with us.

Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast & Galapagos

In Ecuador you will find the most beautiful volcanoes in the Andes region, the exuberant and infinite wildlife in the amazon rainforest, kilometers of always sunny beaches, and the living reflection of the evolution in the Galapagos islands.

All you need is one place: A country with 4 worlds in the middle of the planet, a bio-diverse, magical compact place… like no other with diverse micro-weather & altitudes; perfect for growing different kinds of crops with the minimal consumption of natural resources and a biodynamic team-work with their amazing environment and their people.

Vision & Mission

We select sustainable farmers who work in a socially & environmentally responsible manner.

Sustainability is the reason we started our business and have a deep belief that is the path to making a real change in the world.

We offer single-origin coffee, chocolate & dried fruits from Ecuador. Our company’s highest values ​​are:

Transparency, Sustainability & Social responsibility and to make sure we achieve this we can only work directly with the farmers who share the same values ​​as us.

With us, you will have direct communication with the farmer & producer. Learn more about their practices, values, and how they care for the environment and their people and become a part of this mission.

Farmers & Partners

We have forged a deep-solid relationship with farmers who are making a difference in the world by producing & harvesting in a sustainable & socially responsible environment, leaving the lowest footprint possible in the world.

Sustainable Farmer Chocolatier

A family-owned business with 100 years of tradition in harvesting cocoa & now introducing its own brand of chocolate from its selected cocoa.

Sustainable Coffee Farmer

A family-owned business, coffee passionate. Owner of 3 farms located in different regions of the country with different altitudes, as a result of different profiles and types of beans.


Hand-Selected products from sustainable farmers

Bulk products without a trademark are harvested & produced by sustainable farmers with unique quality.

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