September 29, 2023


The first international design event organized in the Gulf of Tigullio ( in the Liguria region, in Italy between the famous area of “5 lands”, and Genoa, in the area of the famous Portofino ) takes shape: it is Tigullio Design District – TDD.

The event, which is held annually, centers on and is targeted at the whole world of Design linked to the sea (from yachts to those who design and produce nautical products and accessories, up to coast waterfront and environment marine projects ), the world of design linked to the outdoors, (from urban furniture to outdoor furniture, passing through projects related to the environment, sustainability, green technology, and innovation ) and of course the world of lifestyle.


TDD, therefore, arises as an opportunity to rediscover the professional world of Design for everyone. It also intends to enhance Tigullio territory: by leading to the promotion of the wonders, as well as the cultural and working value of the area; by proposing itself as a creative response to the desire for a renewal of the existing local realities – such as companies, designers, artisans, young people, creatives. This Event will be a source of inspiration and development for all international participants, an opportunity to meet and share ideas about the various situation in the design field with Italians and international designers from all over the world. (by offering a place where exchanging their knowledge, and a networking opportunity for Design lovers and professionals from all over the world).

Sestri Levante
Sestri Levante

6 to 12 June 2022, the dates of the event

From 6 to 12 June 2022 the digital event with our international partners and guests will be presented on our new website ; The decision to launch and organize the event every year coinciding with the same dates of the Milan Design Week (this year too from 6 to 12 June 2022, but usually every April ) derives from the desire to combine the Milan proposal with a new event to be proposed to the world of international design which from this year will also be able to enjoy a “seafront” location, indeed naturally the Gulf of Tigullio it’s the seaside for Milan area people. Fuorisalone of Milan as a partner of TDD gets a new location, faces the sea, and is dedicated especially to the nautic design, the sea, the outdoor, and lifestyle. In addition, the TDD at the beginning of the season will help promote the beauties of the Gulf of Tigullio through a new invitation proposal to all designers and professionals, who will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful Italian seasonal moments in our fancy riviera.

There are 16 world Design organizations already partners of the Tigullio Design District 2022, and 15 Country Ambassadors who will promote the TDD worldwide to designers and companies wishing to come to Italy and the Gulf of Tigullio to participate in the initiatives that will be organized in the future.

In Italy, on the other hand, there are 14 organizations and design week partners, as well as 10 local partners, 48 press partners, and design magazines from Italy and all over the world who will follow the event worldwide, and finally 12 among the best Italian startups as supporters of Tigullio. Design District.

Santa Margherita Ligure
Santa Margherita Ligure

What’s Design?” – the topic of the first edition

The event – in its first online edition- will focus on the topic “What is Design?”. Indeed, our national and international guests are invited to answer this question, by reporting their experiences during the interviews.

The need to ask such a basic and fundamental question arises from the lack of knowledge about the discipline of Design, which is found in our area still today.

From this need, it takes to hold the idea of ​​establishing specific macro-themes in the course of the next editions of the TDD event, in order to guide the people living in our area to discover this professional world and the existing realities.



Sea Design Award 2022 is the first competition launched by the Tigullio Design District together with Nautic Experience, aimed at all young university students studying in design faculties in Italy, specifically those of nautical design and industrial design, who participated by sending a project linked to great themes of the sea. On 6 June, the first day of TDD 2022, the winners will be announced and visible on our website:

Here is the jury of experts who judged and decreed the winners:

1- Carlos Vidal – Yacht Designer | Carlos Vidal Design Studio

2- Andrea Signoretto – Industrial Designer | Andrea Signoretto Design Studio

3- Gianluca Adragna – Yacht Designer | Adragna Yacht Design Studio

4- Tommaso Piazzolla – Founder and Creative Director of “Nautic Experience”

5- Pierpaolo Bellina – Director of the magazine “Il Gommone”

6- Giuseppe Orru – Nautical journalist “Vela e Motore magazine”

The winners will have the opportunity to be promoted on the Nautic Experience and Tigullio Design District channels, receive international visibility, and will also be able to participate with digital content in the Tigullio Design District 2023, as well as be selected for in-person activities in the future.

FACTS in numbers

85+  international guests – young talents, established professionals, companies from the world of design

15  TDD Country Ambassador from around the world – presidents, directors of associations, and organizations

16 international institutional partners – associations, design weeks, and design festivals around the world

14 Italian institutional partners – associations, design weeks, and design festivals in Italy

10 local/territorial supporters – associations, bodies in the Gulf of Tigullio / Liguria Region

12  Italian supporters – 12 of the best Italian startups

48  media partner – design press, design magazine, Italian and international press

7  institutional patronage – Patronage of all 7 municipalities of the Gulf of Tigullio


TDD Country Ambassador ( 15 )

The following Country Ambassadors are those who will promote Tigullio Design District in their country and who by working closely with TDD organizers in the future will create opportunities for all designers and design companies in their country, tdd will do the same for them, in Italy and as a link between them and all the others partners.

  1. Australia

Brandon Gien – CEO of Good Design Australia –

  1. China

Luo Zhiwei – Director of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design –

  1. Croatia

Daniel Tomičić – Director of Zagreb Design Week –

  1. Germany

Lutz Dietzold – CEO of German Design Council –

  1. Hong Kong (HKSAR)

Yip Chi Wing – President of Hong Kong Design Trade Association –

  1. Lithuania

Tautvydas Kaltenis – General Representative of Lithuanian Designers’ Society –

  1. Mexico

Alejandra Sánchez Galvez – Director of Association of Architects and Interior designers of Mexico –

  1. Moldavia

Alexandrin Buraga – Founder of Moldovan Design Week –

  1. Perù

Teresa Edwards Ames – Director of Lima Design Week –

  1. Poland

Andzelika Jablonska  – CEO of Poznan Design Festival –

  1. Portugal

António Lacerda – President of National Association of Designers in Portugal

  1. Russia

Vitaly Stavitsky – President of Russia Designers Association –

  1. South Africa

Suné Stassen – Founder & CEO of Open Design Afrika-

  1. United Kingdom

Frank David Peters – Chief Executive of Chartered Society of Designers –

  1. Vietnam

Tran Ngoc Danh – Founder & CEO of Vietnam Design Association –   

TDD partners internazionali ( 16 )

From China to Mexico, from Australia to South Africa, from Vietnam to the United Kingdom, from Peru to Germany, from Lithuania to Portugal and much more for a virtuous network of international partners.


Good Design Australia –


Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design –


Zagreb Design Week –


German Design Council –

5-Hong Kong (HKSAR)

Hong Kong Design Trade Association –


Lithuanian Designers’ Society –


Association of Architects and Interior designers of Mexico –


Moldovan Design Week –


Lima Design Week –


Poznan Design Festival –


National Association of Designers in Portugal


Russia Designers Association –

13-South Africa

Open Design Afrika-

14-United Kingdom

Chartered Society of Designers –


Vietnam Design Association –


Panama Design Week

TDD Italian Partners (14)

The Tigullio Design District, create a national network base of institutional partners in Italy to create a virtuous network in Italy to help Italian designers to find cultural and business exchanges and for the international designers and company want to plan activities in other Italian locations.

  1. aild –
  2. business design italia –
  3. dear –
  4. e design festival –
  5. icod –
  6. idea –
  7. idesign –
  8. palermo design week –
  9. pordenone design week –
  10. ruderi –
  11. rural design week –
  12. udine design week –
  13. venice design week –
  14. yacht club bologna –

TDD Local supporters ( 10 )

Here are some of the first organizations, and local associations that will become part of a larger group over time, able to work in synergy to welcome and promote participants, guests, and enthusiasts of our event in the best possible way.

  1. hello rapallo –
  2. hiroandco –
  3. liguria design –
  4. marina di chiavari –
  5. outdoor portofino –
  6. portofino coast –
  7. società  economica di chiavari –
  8. yacht club portofino sebago
  9. yacht club santa –
  10. yacht club sestri levante –

TDD Italian supporters (12)

Strongly desired by the organizers, here are 12 of the best Italian startups, who create a network of national supporters from North to South of Italy, with whom we are already planning shared activities, cultural and business events to create dynamic and visionary opportunities for everyone.

  1. 4books –
  2. Akuis –
  3. digital to asia –
  4. do eat better –
  5. fabbricatorino –
  6. hexagro –
  7. igoodi –
  8. jobtech –
  9. miravilius –
  10. noisefeed –
  11. pharmercure –
  12. velasca –

TDD Press and Design Magazine Partners – Italian and international (48)

Italian and international, the Tigullio Design District has started to create a network of design magazines, media, and press partners in the design systems that will follow our event, guests and general participants will have the opportunity to be observed and discovered by the press that will be able to tell of their innovative projects and thus promote them around the world. With all the partners in the future, there will be the opportunity to create special activities and design events in Tigullio Design District.

  1. 90+10 ( argentina ) –
  2. a&b ( polonia ) –
  3. attitude ( portogallo ) –
  4. casas ( equador ) –
  5. collection ( libano ) –
  6. daily nautica ( italia )
  7. decor e sens ( francia ) –
  8. design and decor ( malta ) –
  9. design best ( italia ) –
  10. design burgers ( uk ) –
  11. design diffusion ( italia ) –
  12. designer magazine ( svezia ) –
  13. design focus ( cina ) –
  14. design hunger ( portogallo ) –
  15. designstreet ( italia ) –
  16. design studio mag ( italia ) –
  17. design tellers ( italia ) –
  18. dezeen ( uk ) –
  19. diseno interior ( spagna ) –
  20. faces ( svizzera ) –
  21. fuorisalone ( italia ) –
  22. g&g ( italia ) –
  23. gente di mare ( italia ) –
  24. hinge ( hong kong ) –
  25. hiro mag ( italia ) –
  26. ideasdi ( argentina ) –
  27. il secolo xix ( italia ) –
  28. interni cina ( cina ) –
  29. italian innovators ( italia ) –
  30. knock on doors ( italia ) –
  31. la repubblica design ( italia ) –
  32. lazin ( uk ) –
  33. maritim africa ( sud africa ) –
  34. maxi boat tv ( francia ) –
  35. nautica report ( italia ) –
  36. nautic one ( italia ) –
  37. navis yacht ( usa ) –
  38. nomad ( germania ) –
  39. product design magazine ( polonia ) –
  40. set design magazine ( italia ) –
  41. the institute ( romania ) –
  42. the luxury insider (emirati arabi ) –
  43. tml ( spagna ) –
  44. top decoration world ( cina ) –
  45. trends ( portogallo ) –
  46. tuvie ( indonesia ) –
  47. we arch ( italia ) –
  48. we are tigullio ( italia ) –

TDD institutional patronage ( 7 )

TDD, has exceptionally received the patronage of all the municipalities of the Gulf of Tigullio on which it presents itself to the public, which extraordinarily joins to symbolize a new beginning of the path for a united and visionary territory in the design and planning of the activities of the present and near future.

1-Municipality of Sestri Levante –

      2-Municipality of Lavagna –

3-Municipality of Chiavari –

4-Municipality of Zoagli –

5.Municipality of Rapallo –

6-Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure –

7-Municipality of Portofino –

Important Appointments / Dates

10 September 2021 – Opening of the website and publication of the guest list, partners 2022

6 – 12 June 2022 – First edition with interviews, presentations, news, and contest results 2022

27 September 2022 – On the final day of the Genoa Boat Show, the agenda, dates, guests, and news of the TDD 2023 will be launched

April 2023 – Edition of Tigullio Design District 2023

Link and contacts

Tigullio Design District – TDD, project, and idea created by:

Tigullio Design Group S.r.l

Via Sambuceti, 1 

16043 – Chiavari – Genoa – Italia

Contacts of Tigullio Design District – TDD;

Secretary-General Info

Press Office

Service office

Follow us:






( more information and news will be on our website and social network, so follow us!😉

Thanks to all of you! 



One of the 48 media partners is The DESIGNER magazine Stockholm, thank you for your cooperation, and wish you all the best TDD team!

The Editor in Chief/ Halina Rosa

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