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2023 theme edition: Design; past, present, future.

The first international design event organized in the Gulf of Tigullio ( in the Liguria region, in Italy between the famous area of “5 lands”, and Genoa, in the area of the famous Portofino bay ) takes shape: it is Tigullio Design District – TDD. The first in the world whose soul and target are mainly the whole world of design linked to the sea (from yachts to those who design and produce nautical products and accessories, up to those linked to coastal waterfronts and the marine environment), up to the design sector linked to the outdoor, (from street furniture to outdoor furniture, passing through projects related to the environment, sustainability, green technology, and innovation) and the lifestyle (from fashion design to interior design and much more) very well represented by the Gulf of Tigullio ( Portofino bay all around ) itself, an Italian icon of “dolce vita” (the sweet life) and beautiful landscapes.

A new event both local and international, which despite its first editions has been able to arouse the attention and interest of many insiders, professionals, and enthusiasts. The Tigullio Design District, therefore, presents itself as an opportunity to rediscover the world of design, a new international location for the design system in a unique place, already a historic district of Italian boating and beyond, available primarily for designers, companies, and all local and international fans of this sector.

It, therefore, intends to be a new seafront site for national and international guests of those who love the Italian lifestyle, and a showcase of what is one of the most prestigious Italian territories, the Gulf of Tigullio in Liguria: leading to the enhancement of this as a place of beauty but also of discovery and study, both cultural and commercial; presenting itself as a creative response to the desire for the rebirth of existing local realities – companies, designers, young talent and creatives – for which it can be a source of stimulus and development, but also an opportunity for professionals and business meeting, sharing, human and professional growth.

17 to 23 April 2023, the dates of the event

The next edition will be held from 17 to 23 April 2023. From 17 April onwards by the website; http://www.tigulliodesigndistrict.com, Instagram @tigulliodesigndistrict all the info and multimedia content of all Italian and international guests will be made public. The decision to launch and organize the event every year coinciding with the same dates of the Milan Design Week derives from the desire to combine the Milanese and therefore Italian proposal with a new event to be proposed to the world of international design which will therefore also be able to enjoy our new location, a new “seafront” place to experience Italian design and lifestyle and to welcome all the designer and companies love the “sea” which they can’t enjoy in Milan. The internationally recognized beauties of the Gulf of Tigullio will help promote the extraordinary nature of Italian design and not only by offering a unique setting for insiders in early spring.

Consequently, the Tigullio Design District with its widespread event creates a strategic and innovative axis for Liguria, becoming the first Ligurian international design event, linking Genoa; the seat of the Boat Show at the beginning of autumn, the university, the historic shipyards and much more with the city of La Spezia and 5 lands, another major world nautical venue, placing itself at the center by geographical location, and proposing its glamorous, fresh and disruptive.

Genoa, Gulf of Tigullio and La Spezia; the united Ligurian east which offers itself to the world as the best place for the blue economy and beyond, where it is possible to do research and train, enjoy events related to boating and sea design, experience the Boat Show, design activity, produce excellence and participate in many cultural and/or business activities in a unique place in the world.

Since its first edition, the Tigullio Design District has been able to interest and attract many international, national, and local realities linked to the world of design and beyond there are 18 global Design organizations already partners, 16 Country Ambassadors who will promote TDD world level, each in their own countries.

In Italy, on the other hand, there are 22 organizations and design week partners, as well as 29 local partners in the Gulf of Tigullio and Liguria, 55 media partners / Italian and international press who will follow the event by promoting it worldwide, and finally 16 of the best Italian startups as supporters of the Tigullio Design District.


The Tigullio Design District is a widespread event in the entire area of the Gulf of Tigullio, and specifically in the 7 sponsoring cities that make it up; Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna, and Sestri Levante, as well as the hamlets, the most beautiful and special corners of the territory itself.

An event that develops and will develop over time including the beautiful squares and historic buildings, the typical alleys, shops and showrooms, marinas and port areas, beaches and bays on the sea, schools and cultural centers, breathtaking hotels on the Riviera, the studios and offices of local designers and architects, and much more, to create a great territorial “open space” event without barriers and free to travel, with many cultural contaminations, full of many offers, both for young people and the in

habitants of the area, both those from outside the region or from the world who want to come to the Gulf of Tigullio, for a few days under the banner of design and the Italian lifestyle between beauty, culture, and history.

Agenda / main appointments TDD 2023

2023 is the year that will see the online event also become an offline event, after years of covid and various problems for everyone, finally we will start to see each other face to face. There will be always online activities in any case as an important part of communicating the Tigullio Design District and the various guests and partners, therefore every day by following our website, you will see international design masters and young talents talks, in a packed agenda of interventions where everyone will talk about their vision of design, the design philosophy of their company and the cultural values behind their ideas. 

At the same time, professionals and enthusiasts will be able to visit showrooms and retailers participating in TDD 2023 every day, who will be able to show and tell you the best sector news in their spaces. Not least will be the awarding of the “Sea Design Contest 2023” cultural and free award linked to the best design ideas of university students from all over the world (winners can be consulted on the website from 17 April onwards). 

The week will also see the first workshop organized for high school students in the Gulf of Tigullio, where 10 groups of students will work on the topic; “Design; between land and sea”, carrying out their projects every day and meeting professionals and experts, up to the final presentation on April 21st in the Aula Magna of the Liceo Luzzati in Chiavari. Other innovations will be launched from time to time on our channels, such as those we are preparing for 2024 with many new activities increasingly in presence that will see the participation of many.

“Design; past, present, future” – the topic of 2023

The 2023 edition will see the development of online and face-to-face activities throughout the Gulf of Tigullio, through presentations, visits, workshops, and much more, and all the guests and protagonists of the event will be invited to reflect and tell their vision of the theme of the 2023 edition, namely; “Design; past, present and future“.

The theme of the 2023 edition stems from the desire to understand what the designers, companies in the sector, and all the protagonists of the same think of what has been, of the current situation, and of what the design of the future will be, to understand through their point of observation of reality what has been wrong in the past and what instead we must maintain and value for the future of our societies.


Sea Design Contest 2023” in its second edition, is the competition launched by the Tigullio Design District together with Nautic One, aimed at all young university students studying in design faculties, specifically those of nautical and industrial design, who participated by sending a project linked to major themes related to the sea. From this edition, the competition makes use of the technical partnership of Desall, an Italian platform that connects designers, students, and creatives from all over the world, and, this year the competition is aimed at students from all over the world, an important fact, resulting from the international interest that the competition has been able to arouse since its first edition.

On April 17, the first day of TDD 2023, the winners will be announced, visible on our website in the section dedicated to the competition: http://www.tigulliodesigndistrict.com/contest-2023/

Here is the jury of international professionals and experts who judged and decreed the winners (in alphabetical order):

1- Anna Borla; CEO and Creative Director | Anna Borla Design & Yachts

2- Claudio Carmosino; Commercial Director | Daily Nautica

3- Davide Scomparin; Founder and CEO | Desall

4- Gian Paolo Nari; Architect and Yacht Designer | Gian Paolo NariYacht Design

5- Isabel Francoy; Founder, Architect, and Designer | Isabel Francoy Studio

6- Mauricio Cardenas Laverde; Founder | Studio Cardenas Conscious Design

7- Massimo Rosati; Architect, Journalist, and Founder | Design Street Magazine

8- Roberto Di Stefano; Interior Designers | Roberto Di Stefano Design Studio

9- Tommaso Piazzolla; Founder and Creative Director | Nautic One

The winners will become guests of the Tigullio Design District 2024 as well as have the opportunity to be promoted on the Nautic One channel and beyond, receiving international visibility and getting in touch with companies and professionals in the design/nautical sector for future activities, projects and collaborations.

Workshop “Design; between land and sea”

From the 2023 edition, the first workshop will be organized during the Tigullio Design District in partnership with the Liceo Artistico Luzzati of Chiavari aimed at students of the last three years of the Architecture and Environment curriculum and of the Design curriculum. The cultural and educational path offers a design workshop to be held during the week of the Tigullio Design District in which students will address design issues related to the world of the sea and the world of the city in connection with the sea and the coast.

During the workshop experience, some design ideas will be offered to the students based on suggestions and information on issues related to the sea and the relationship between the city and the sea. This information will be provided to them by professionals, technicians, and experts during the meetings that will take place outdoors in the Gulf of Tigullio. An immersive experience dedicated to the problems of the cities on the coast and the sea, to which they will respond with design proposals and project ideas. Divided into 10 groups, students of different ages will be confronted to develop new projects and design ideas. here is the list of personalities who will intervene (in alphabetical order)

1. Emanuele Sanguineti – Municipal councilor of the Municipality of Chiavari in charge of ecological services

2. Fabio De Ponti – Mayor of Zoagli

3. Germano Tabaroni; Vice President Port of Chiavari

4. Luca Tassara; Founder Ziguele, marine popularizer and underwater operator

5. Simone Gallina; Senior Yacht Designer at Verme Design Studio

6. Rosangela Mammola; Architect, founder of the HIROAndCO Cultural Association

The workshop will see a final moment of the presentation of the student’s projects in the main hall of the Liceo Artistico Luzzati in Chiavari on April 21, 2023, with the presence of guests including entrepreneurs, local authorities and professionals who will be able to learn about the ideas of the young creatives present on the territory, on this occasion the workshop and the innovations for 2024 will be launched which will see the involvement of other territorial institutes and new proposals for young people.

Curators of the Tigullio Design District 2023

The Tigullio Design District 2023 edition will bring important news for the development of online and face-to-face activities through the involvement of a series of curators who, through their professionalism and communication skills, will begin to tell how much design and their reference sectors are intersected, proposing and telling curiosities, planning for the future cultural activities, exchange or support for the business with forums and presentations between design and their professional sectors with which it is necessary to open a dialogue and comparison, suitable for human growth and professional.

The curators of the Tigullio Design District are all under 40 professionals, who will be able to best communicate their open vision of reality by talking about design combined with issues related to their profession or experience, all through dynamic and quality content.

Here is the list of curators of the Tigullio Design District: (in alphabetical order)

1. Andrea Castagneto – thematic; Design & Disability – instagram: andrea88ca

2. Bianca Viola Biamonti – thematic; Design & Craftsmanship – instagram: buonvento_crea

3. Bianca Zero – thematic; Design & Sport – instagram: _biancazero_

4. Carolina Corradi – thematic; Design & Business/Finance – instagram: carolina.corradi_

5. Erika Panchieri – thematic; Design & Psychology – instagram: eripanchieri

6. Tommaso Piazzola – thematic; Design & Boating – instagram: nautic_one

7. Valeria Sacco – thematic; Design & Fashion/Lifestyle – instagram: valevawy

Territorial adherents and participants, “path among the excellences of design” ( 20 )

The Gulf of Tigullio, between Portofino and Sestri Levante, has always gathered companies, designers, and retailers who know very well what design is because they are historical insiders. 

From April 2023 you will be able to visit their spaces, among design icons, and various innovations in the sector through a territorial itinerary dedicated to design among excellent products and breathtaking local beauties. Active participation lays the foundations for the future between exhibitions, shows, cultural itineraries, and commercial events, under the banner of design and the beauty to know, experience, and buy, facing the sea. 

Here are the first 20 territorial realities of the nautical, furnishing, and lifestyle sectors which together have joined with enthusiasm, becoming the basis and the beating heart of the activities that will be organized. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. Ars selezione arredi – ( Chiavari ) – http://www.arsarredi.com
  2. Arte in Casa – ( Sestri Levante ) – http://www.arteincasa.business.site
  3. Chiavarese Arredamenti – ( Rapallo ) – http://www.chiavaresearredamenti.it
  4. Cini & Webster – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.ciniwebster.it
  5. De Bernardis arredamenti – ( Rapallo ) – http://www.arredamentidebernardis.it
  6. F&B yachting – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.fbyachting.it
  7. Fidra – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.fidra.it
  8. Forzatre broker – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.forzatre.it
  9. Gap forniture nautiche – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.gapforniturenautiche.com
  10.  Maggi Arredamenti – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.maggiarredamenti.it
  11.  Marine Eletronics CMS – ( Chiavari ) – http://www.cmsmarine.it 
  12.  Meci luce – ( Chiavari ) – http://www.meciluce.it
  13.  Mortola Yacht & Ship Brokers – ( Rapallo ) – http://www.mortolabrokers.com/it/
  14.  Nautica Discount – ( Lavagna ) – www.nauticadiscount.shop
  15.  P&G yachting – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.pgyachting.it
  16.  Peragallo arredamenti – ( Santa Margherita Ligure ) – http://www.peragallo.it
  17.  Plexitaly – ( Chiavari ) – http://www.plexitaly.com 
  18.  Sanguineti Chiavari – ( Chiavari ) – http://www.sanguineti.com
  19.  Star Fortune Yachts – ( Lavagna ) – http://www.starfortuneyachts.com
  20.  Turco Design – ( Santa Margherita Ligure ) – http://www.turcohome.com

Local, national, and international guests TDD 2023

Since its first edition, the Tigullio Design District has begun to invite and involve the best protagonists of local, national, and international design, guests from 5 continents which makes the TDD a dynamic cultural exchange event where you can deepen and learn about the visions and philosophies projects by young talents and masters of design.

World-renowned designers, established professionals, and young talents will give life to a busy agenda of stories, interviews, and presentations of their works, bringing their design vision to all those who will follow the 2023 event.

Through presentations, online videos, and themed stories, you can follow their interventions on the Tigullio Design District website, day by day, which will also automatically be uploaded to the TDD @tigulliodesigndistrict YouTube channel, becoming part of history visible all year round, a digital archive of design that can be used free of charge by all enthusiasts, insiders and the curious.

Here are the 2023 guests: (in alphabetical order)

Alessandro Mascoli, Andrea Prina, Flavio Salvi (Freemind Design Studio – Italy ) – http://www.freemindstudio.it

Anna Borla ( Italy ) – http://www.annaborla.com

Eisuke Tachikawa ( Japan ) – http://www.jida.or.jp

Ester Ferlito ( Italy ) – @esterferlito

Flávio Castro ( Brasil ) –  http://www.fcstudio.com.br

Gabriela Carrillo ( Mexico ) – http://www.gabrielacarrillo.mx

Gian Paolo Nari ( Italy )– http://www.gianpaolonari.com

Giovanni Antonelli Dudan ( Italy )http://www.dudandesign.com

Giuseppina Cioffi ( Italy )– http://www.wider-yachts.com

Isabel Francoy ( Spain ) – @isabel.francoy

Jessica Russo, Kasia Nasilowska (Tuorlo Design Studio – Italy ) – http://www.tuorlodesignstudio.com

Katia Meneghini, Thanos Zakopoulos ( CTRLZAK Studio – Italy | Greece )  – http://www.ctrlzak.com

Leonardo Santi ( Italy )– http://www.leonardosantidesign.com

Lluís Auroux ( Spain ) – http://www.vegachargers.com

Lorenzo Palmeri ( Italy )– http://www.lorenzopalmeristudio.it

Luca Bensi ( Italy )– http://www.defeua.com

Luca Ronchi ( Italy )– http://www.lr-a.cn

Martino Hutz ( Germay ) – http://www.martinohutz.de

Mauricio Cardenas Laverde ( Colombia ) – http://www.studiocardenas.it

Nicola Galli, Simone Quintavalle ( Italy )– @nicola.galli – @simo.quintavalle

Nicola Pantanetti ( Italy )– http://www.nicolapantanettidesign.com

Nicolò Chinello, Rodolfo Morandi ( Italy )– http://www.aacm.it

Nuno Matos Cabral ( Portugal ) – http://www.nunomatoscabral.com

Ondřej Chybík ( Czech Republic) – http://www.chybik-kristof.com

Patisandhika Sidarta, Tommy Sandjaja ( Indonesia ) – http://www.sidartaandsandjaja.id

Roberto Di Stefano ( Italy )– http://www.robertodistefano.com

Sergio Guzmán ( Perù ) – http://www.mectamo.com

Sky Guan ( China ) – http://www.evolutiondesign.com.cn

Stella Orlandino ( Italy )– http://www.stellaorlandino.com

Steve Kozloff ( USA ) – http://www.thegoliathseries.com

Ugo La Pietra ( Italy )– http://www.ugolapietra.com

The videos of the following guests will be previewed on our website: http://www.tigulliodesigndistrict.com day by day at different times and automatically launched on our youtube channel; @tigulliodesigndistrict to remain visible for everyone even after the event.

On our website from 17 April on, you will be able to see the agenda day by day: (Times are given on the Italian time and with GTM indication)


Country Ambassadors ( 16 )

The following Country Ambassadors are those who started and who will promote the Tigullio Design District in their country of origin, bringing the event to their network of designers, companies, and institutions to communicate and develop joint activities both culturally and business (in alphabetical order)

  1. Alejandra Sánchez Galvez – Director of the Association of Architects & Interior designers of Mexico – Mexico
  2. Alexandrin Buraga – Founder of Moldovan Design Week – Moldova
  3. Andzelika Jablonska  – CEO of Poznan Design Festival – Poland
  4. António Lacerda – President of the National Association of Designers in Portugal – Portugal
  5. Brandon Gien – CEO of Good Design Australia Australia
  6. Daniel Tomičić – Director of Zagreb Design Week – Croatia
  7. Eisuke Tachikawa – President of Japan Industrial Design Association –  Japan (NEW in 2023)
  8. Frank David Peters – CEO of Chartered Society of Designers – UK
  9. Luo Zhiwei – Director of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design – China
  10. Lutz Dietzold – CEO of German Design Council – Germany
  11. Suné Stassen – Founder & CEO di Open Design Afrika – South Africa
  12. Tautvydas Kaltenis – General Representative of Lithuanian Designers’ Society – Lithuania
  13. Teresa Edwards Ames – Director of Lima Design Week – Perù
  14. Tran Ngoc Danh – Founder & CEO of Vietnam Design Association – Vietnam
  15. Vitaly Stavitsky – President of Russia Designers Association – Russia
  16. Yip Chi Wing – President of Hong Kong Design Trade Association – Hong Kong – HKSAR

International partners ( 18 )

From China to Mexico, from Australia to South Africa, from Vietnam to the United Kingdom, from Peru to Germany, from Japan to Portugal, and much more for a virtuous network of international partners. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. Good Design Australia – (Australia) –  http://www.good-design.org
  2. Centro Brasil Design – ( Brasil ) –  http://www.cbd.org.br (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  3. Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design – ( China ) – http://www.en.spccd.org.cn
  4. Zagreb Design Week – ( Croatia )  http://www.zagrebdesignweek.com
  5. German Design Council – ( Germany )  http://www.german-design-council.de
  6. Hong Kong Design Trade Association – ( Hong Kong – HKSAR)  http://www.hkdesigntrade.com 
  7. Japan Industrial Design Association – ( Japan ) http://www.jida.or.jp (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  8. Lithuanian Designers’ Society – ( Lithuania )  http://www.ldis.eu/en/about-ldis
  9. Association of Architects and Interior designers of Mexico – ( Mexico ) – http://www.aaimexico.mx
  10. Moldovan Design Week – ( Moldova ) – http://www.mdw.md
  11. Lima Design Week – ( Perù ) –  http://www.limadesignweek.pe
  12. Poznan Design Festival – ( Poland ) –  http://www.2019.poznandesignfestiwal.pl
  13. National Association of Designers in Portugal – ( Portugal ) –  http://www.and.org.pt
  14. Russia Designers Association – ( Russia ) – http://www.sdrussia.ru
  15. Open Design Afrika – ( South Africa ) – http://www.opendesignafrika.org
  16. Chartered Society of Designers – ( UK ) http://www.csd.org.uk
  17. Vietnam Design Association – ( Vietnam )  http://www.vietnamdesign.org.vn
  18. Panama Design Week – ( Panama ) http://www.instagram.com/panamadesignweek

Italian partners ( 22 )

A national network of institutional partners, including associations, design weeks, sea organizations and much more to create a virtuous network between them to help designers, companies, and sector operators find cultural and business exchanges. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. 5Vie associationhttp://www.5vie.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023 )
  2. Aild association http://www.aild.it
  3. Assonathttp://www.assonat.com  (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  4. Business Design Italia associazionehttp://www.businessdesignitalia.it
  5. Dear association http://www.designaround.org
  6. Desallhttp://www.desall.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  7. E design festivalhttp://www.edesignfestival.it 
  8. Icod associationhttp://www.icodcommunity.wixsite.com/icod
  9. Idea associationhttp://www.internationaldesignassociation.com
  10. Idesignhttp://www.idesignpalermo.com
  11. Isola Design Districthttp://www.isola.design (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  12. Mare Pulito association http://www.marepulito.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  13. Marevivo Onlushttp://www.marevivo.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  14. Medsea Foundationhttp://www.medseafoundation.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  15. Palermo Design Weekhttp://www.palermodesignweek.it
  16. Pordenone Design Weekhttp://www.pordenonedesignweek.it
  17. Ru.de.ri associationhttp://www.ruderi.org
  18. Rural Design Weekhttp://www.ruraldesignweek.com 
  19. Udine Design Weekhttp://www.mudefri.it/static/udw22/ 
  20. Venice Design Weekhttp://www.venicedesignweek.com
  21. Worldrise Onlushttp://www.worldrise.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  22. Yacht club Bolognahttp://www.instagram.com/yachtclubbologna/

local/territorial partners ( 29 )

Here are some of the entities, local associations, and yacht clubs that will become part of a larger group over time, able to work in synergy to welcome and promote participants, guests, and enthusiasts in the best possible way, all protagonists of the TDD in the area and co-organizers together for creating local activities and events. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. Borgo dei velluti di Zoaglihttp://www.instagram.com/comunedizoagli (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  2. Castello Brown Portofinohttp://www.castellobrown.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  3. Circolo Nautico Lavagnahttp://www.facebook.com/circolo.nauticolavagna (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  4. Comitato Società Veliche del Tigulliohttp://www.circolivelicitigullio.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  5. Consorzio Liguria via marehttp://www.liguriaviamare.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  6. Fondazione CIMAhttp://www.cimafoundation.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  7. Hello Rapallohttp://www.instagram.com/hello.rapallo/
  8. HiroandCohttp://www.hiroandco.it
  9. Liceo Artistico Statale Luzzati Chiavarihttp://www.liceoartisticoluzzati.edu.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  10. Liguria 2030http://www.liguria2030.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  11. Liguria Designhttp://www.instagram.com/liguriadesign/
  12. Liguria Togetherhttp://www.liguriatogether.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  13. Marina Chiavarihttp://www.marina-chiavari.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  14. Marina di Chiavari Calata Ovesthttp://www.marinadichiavari.it
  15. Menkabhttp://www.menkab.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  16. Outdoor Portofino  – www.outdoorportofino.com
  17. Portofino Coasthttp://www.portofinocoast.it
  18. Portofino Marehttp://www.comuneportofinomare.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  19. Portofino Viewhttp://www.portofinoview.com
  20. Portofino Yacht Marinahttp://www.portofinoyachtmarina.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  21. Società  Economica di Chiavarihttp://www.societaeconomica.it
  22. Villaggio del Ragazzohttp://www.villaggio.org (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  23. Whale watch Liguriahttp://www.whalewatchliguria.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  24. Yacht Club Chiavarihttp://www.ycc.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  25. Yacht club Portofino Sebagohttp://www.instagram.com/yacht_club_portofino/
  26. Yacht club Santahttp://www.yachtclubsanta.it
  27. Yacht club Sestri Levantehttp://www.ycsestrilevante.it
  28. ZenitUphttp://www.instagram.com/zenitup_/ (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  29. Ziguelehttp://www.ziguele.it (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)

Italian supporters ( 16 )

16 of the best Italian startups, which create a network of national supporters from North to South, a network of young innovative companies, capable of innovating with their products and services. Young Italian creative entrepreneurs who care about design, innovation, and technologies to create dynamic and visionary opportunities. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. 4bookshttp://www.4books.com
  2. Akuishttp://www.akuis.tech
  3. Boats and Gohttp://www.boatsandgo.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  4. Digital toAsiahttp://www.digitaltoasia.com
  5. Do eat Betterhttp://www.doeatbetterexperience.com
  6. Fabbricatorinohttp://www.occhialifabbricatorino.it
  7. Hexagrohttp://www.hexagro.io
  8. Igoodihttp://www.igoodi.eu
  9. Jobtechhttp://www.jobtech.it
  10. Miraviliushttp://www.miravilius.live
  11. Noisefeedhttp://www.noisefeed.com
  12. Oceanhishttp://www.oceanhis.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  13. Ogyrehttp://www.ogyre.com (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  14. OutBehttp://www.outbe.earth (NEW PARTNER IN 2023)
  15. Pharmercurehttp://www.pharmercure.com
  16. Velasca http://www.velasca.com

Media/press partners – Italian and international ( 55 )

Local, national, and international, the network of news, nautical and design system media and press partners who will follow our event, guests and general participants will have the opportunity to be observed and discovered by the press who will be able to tell about their innovative projects and so promote them to the world. ( in alphabetical order )

  1. 90+10 ( argentina ) – http://www.90mas10.com
  2. a&b ( poland ) – http://www.architekturaibiznes.pl
  3. Acasa Magazine ( Italy ) – http://www.acasamagazine.com (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  4. Attitude ( portugal ) – http://www.attitude-mag.com/en/
  5. Casa Facile – ( Italy ) – http://www.casafacile.it (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  6. Casas ( equador ) – http://www.revistacasas.com.ec
  7. Casastile ( Italy ) – http://www.casastileweb.it (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  8. Collection ( lebanon ) – http://www.collection-magazine.com
  9. Daily Nautica ( italy ) http://www.dailynautica.com
  10. Deco Home ( Colombia ) – http://www.decohome.cl (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  11. Decor e Sens ( france ) – http://www.decoretsens-mag.fr
  12. Design and Decor ( malta ) – http://www.designdecormagazine.com
  13. Design Best ( italy ) – http://www.magazine.designbest.com/it/
  14. Design Burgers ( uk ) – http://www.design-burger.com
  15. Design Diffusion ( italy ) – http://www.designdiffusion.com
  16. Design Focus ( china ) – http://www.nbaid.org.cn
  17. Design Hunger ( portugal ) – http://www.designhunger.co
  18. Design Studio Mag ( italy ) – http://www.furrina.it/design-studio-mag-magazine
  19. Design Tellers ( italy ) – http://www.designtellers.it
  20. Design Wanted ( Italy ) – http://www.designwanted.com (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  21. Designboom ( Italy ) – http://www.designboom.com (NUOVO PARTNER DAL 2023)
  22. Designer Magazine ( sweden ) – http://www.thedesigner.se
  23. Designstreet ( italy ) – http://www.designstreet.it
  24. Dezeen ( uk ) – http://www.dezeen.com
  25. Diseno Interior ( spain ) – http://www.revistadisenointerior.es
  26. Faces ( swiss ) – http://www.faces.ch
  27. Fuorisalone ( italy ) – http://www.fuorisalone.it
  28. g&g ( italy ) – http://www.gandgmagazine.eu
  29. Gente di mare ( italy ) – http://www.gentedimareonline.it
  30. Hinge ( hong kong ) – http://www.hinge.hk/hingeweb/main.html
  31. Hiro mag ( italy ) – http://www.hiroandco.it
  32. Ideasdi ( argentina ) – http://www.ideasdi.com
  33. Il secolo XIX ( italy ) – http://www.ilsecoloxix.it
  34. Interni Cina ( china ) – http://www.interni.net.cn
  35. Italian innovators ( italy ) – http://www.italianinnovators.com/?lang=it
  36. Knock on doors ( italy ) – http://www.instagram.com/knockondoor.italia
  37. La repubblica design ( italy ) – http://www.repubblica.it/design/
  38. Lazin ( uk ) – http://www.lazin.uk
  39. Maritim Africa ( south africa ) – http://www.maritimafrica.com/en/
  40. Maxi boat tv ( france ) – http://www.maxiboat.tv  
  41. Mundo mar ( Brasil ) – http://www.mundomar.com.br/  
  42. Nautic One ( italy ) – http://www.instagram.com/nautic_one
  43. Nautica Report ( italy ) – http://www.nauticareport.it
  44. Navis yacht ( usa ) – http://www.navisyachts.com
  45. Nomad ( germany ) – http://www.the-nomad-magazine.com
  46. Product design magazine ( poland ) – http://www.productdesignmagazine.pl
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  48. The institute ( romania ) – http://www.institute.ro
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  54. We arch ( italy ) – http://www.wearch.eu
  55. We are Liguria ( italy ) – http://www.instagram.com/weareliguria

Technical Sponsor (Mussini Giorgio S.r.l.)

From the 2023 edition, “Mussini Giorgio SRL” becomes the official technical sponsor of the Tigullio Design District. The renowned Portofino company born in 1949 from the entrepreneurial genius of its founder Giorgio Mussini, and internationally famous for its boats with elegant and timeless design lines, will make available to guests of the Tigullio Design District the famous “Portofinesi” speedboats which will be used to move in the Gulf of Tigullio by sea between one location and another. The classic boats that have now become iconic and representative of the Italian lifestyle wink at the future thanks to the innovation of the new electric motors. Ligurian boats of excellence represent the territory and Italy worldwide. http://www.giorgiomussini.com

Institutional sponsorships (7 – all municipalities in the Gulf of Tigullio)

The Tigullio Design District has exceptionally received the patronage of all the municipalities of the area, which exceptionally unite to symbolize a new beginning of the journey for a united and visionary territory in the design and planning of present and near future activities. ( in alphabetical order )

1. Municipality of Chiavarihttp://www.comune.chiavari.ge.it/it

2. Municipality of Lavagna http://www.comune.lavagna.ge.it/

3. Municipality of Portofinohttp://www.comune.portofino.genova.it/

4. Municipality of Rapallo http://www.comune.rapallo.ge.it/

5. Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligurehttp://www.comunesml.it/it

6. Municipality of Sestri Levantehttp://www.comune.sestri-levante.ge.it/

7. Municipality of Zoaglihttp://www.comune.zoagli.ge.it/

FACTS in numbers

110+ 🡪 international guests – young talents, established professionals, and companies from the world of design

16 🡪 TDD Country Ambassador from around the world – presidents, directors of associations and organizations

18 🡪 international institutional partners – associations, design weeks, and design festivals around the world

22 🡪 Italian institutional partners – associations, design weeks, and design festivals in Italy

29 🡪 local/territorial partners – associations, bodies in the Gulf of Tigullio / Liguria Region

16 🡪  Italian supporters – 12 of the best Italian startups

20 🡪 local members – the best products, projects, and local design resellers in the Gulf of Tigullio

55 🡪 media partners – design media, design magazine, Italian and international press

7 🡪 institutional patronage – Patronage of all 7 municipalities of the Gulf of Tigullio

Important Dates for TDD

10 September 2021 – Opening of the website and publication of the guest list, partners 2022

6 – 12 June 2022 – First edition ( theme; What’s Design? )

17 – 23 April 2023 – Second edition ( theme; Design; past, present, future )

April 2024 – Third edition ( The new theme will be launched after the 2023 edition, follow us to discover )

Link and contacts

Tigullio Design District – TDD, project and idea created by:

Tigullio Design Group S.r.l


Via Sambuceti, 1 

16043 – Chiavari – Genoa – Italia

Contacts of Tigullio Design District – TDD;

Secretary – General Info

info@tigulliodesigndistrict.com ( CC: tigulliodesigndistrict@gmail.com )

Press Office

press@tigulliodesigndistrict.com ( CC: tigulliodesigndistrict@gmail.com )

Service office

service@tigulliodesigndistrict.com ( CC: tigulliodesigndistrict@gmail.com )

Follow us:







( more information and news will be on our website and social network, so follow us!😉

Thanks to all of you! 



02.04.2023 Stockholm

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