October 1, 2023


The Artist Of The Word/ Caroline Laurent Turunc

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Poetry is consistent with its time, it is moments in space, moreover, it itself is time here and now. It is the history of the present, today’s problems, and emotions, it identifies itself with the states of mind and body of today’s people, while the poet is an artist who uses words to create images, immersing himself in various fields, from prosaic to enigmatic thoughts, from matter to abstraction.

Caroline Laurent Turunc is a poetess and sociologist from Turkey, currently living in Paris, France. She is a word artist who skillfully captures these moments, puts them in the right words, and creates poetry that imprints itself on the pages of readers’ memories.

Caroline is a poetess whose poems are read in almost every corner of the world. She is the author of two poetry books. Her poems can be found also in many international anthologies and she is the winner of many awards and recognitions. She is also a columnist for Basken Haber Ankara Newspaper and for ÖZGÜR İFADE Istanbul Newspaper. Caroline is also an activist for Humanity and Peace. She is an Ambassador  FOR PEACE International university Diplomatic mission free citizen Association And independent in France as well as Executive Director and Humanitarian Peace Leader in France on behalf of the Institute of International Peace Leaders, an international institute and thinks tank on Peace, SDGs, Human Rights, and Climate Change.

Caroline at a reasonably young age felt that the thoughts that flowed into her head gave her some kind of relief. As a thirteen-year-old girl, she was forced to go to the river and wash her brother’s dirty clothes in the river’s cold water. It was then that her soul began to scream and her mind to create images through words. This scream had accrued inside her over the years and as she self says;

“Since I became aware of myself as a woman in a place where cruel customs and traditions disregard women, poetry has taken its place in the most beautiful place of my heart.”

Caroline feels good in any kind of poetry and she doesn’t have any problem choosing a theme. She is inspired by almost everything, everything that touches her soul. She writes her poems in Turkish and then translates them into French and English. She loves not only poetry, but she is also currently working on a novel about a family drama set in Mesopotamia. Of course, the author does not reveal anything else, but a mystery inscribed in the nature of the creator.

19.02.2023 Stockholm

Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

There Is No Time For Sadness!

 The midnight wind surrenders to a black day

 I miss the days when we were happy with our loneliness

 A few words that I don’t use come out of my mouth.

 I look back and the pain of emptiness mixes with a dull pain.

 “I wish I were a bridge I say to myself

 Maybe I could collect all the rain that would fall on me

 I used to wet my hands which were dry from the cold every night.

 And my branches that stand upright like a plain tree in the shadow of my trunk.”

 I cry when I think

 my eyes burn when I cry

 what a black day I was having

 Go a little further, I say cruel grief

 I went down to the gardens where the harvest ended, and let it rain on me.

 It’s getting harder and harder to beat the darkness every day.

 How many would suffer this pain?

 Come listen to me, a sad friend of death Snow

 See how the birds fly inside my heart

 Sadness is carried on my wings

 I’m raining the longest sadness in the world

 My branches are breaking from the inside out

 Stones are falling from my smiles

 I plant carnations in my heart.

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Caroline Laurent Turunc

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