October 1, 2023


Reviews of the book “White Eagle Among Vikings”

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Reviews of the book “White Eagle Among Vikings”  by Diana Kicia.       

When I think of Diana, I see an independent, professionally realized, strong woman, a wonderful mother, and a beautiful dancer. A person with a heart of gold who is always available to listen to loved ones and help. A warrior who is ready to go to the fire behind her friends and who is constantly fighting for a better tomorrow, supporting sustainable development projects and charity campaigns. Diana is a female institution and to be honest, I think that each day of her probably lasts about 48 hours.

I was very happy when Diana announced that she was writing a book about her life. I was so drawn by the book that I read it in one afternoon. Thanks to the reading, I was able to understand why there is so much humility, cheerfulness, and hope for a better tomorrow in Diana. Diana is carrying the baggage of many experiences that I had no idea about. Her gratitude, which she shows at every step to the world and people, was born out of many suffering and hard experiences.

I recommend this book to anyone who would like to find motivation and believe that the unattainable does not exist, and our success depends only on hard work and our positive attitude.

Karolina Figueiredo

A touching story about human fate, about how different difficult times and limited opportunities would take away from many people their hopes for a better tomorrow … but not her … brave heroine, a good, more modestly brave girl who took her life into her own hands after a great tragedy that hit her.

A story about the diversity of cultures and young people who are madly in love with each other, whose relationship has gone a steadfast path to understanding and acceptance.

A story that the power of love can be above everything and everyone.

About the power of the bond between mother and son

A story about helping another human being, which sharing gives a person a sense of fulfillment.

A story about the ups and downs that experience us and allow us to be stronger and smarter.

A story of love which, when tragedy bears it, leaves a fruit in the world that becomes its strength.

A tale of destiny…. because each of us has her way, each of us forges his fate, nothing will do itself, you have to work hard for your success, for your happiness, for love, for a successful relationship.

A story about a strong need for development and self-improvement, which turns into a passion.

A story about respect for your neighbor.

The heroine gives us an example of how you can live, how to benefit from life how faith, hope, and love can change everything in your life

I highly recommend the story of Diana’s fate and dreams.

Marzena Baranowska

Link to the book https://issuu.com/home/published/white_eagle_among_vikings

“Behind each person, there is a story to tell, a lesson to teach and a dream to share”. 

This is a story about a Polish proud woman catholic who was born in north Poland during communism. A child who remembers staying in the lines to buy food on special coupons. A heartbroken little girl who cannot continue her dream to learn dance because of economic reasons. A student who experienced hunger while her father was suffering from cancer and at the same time she has been bullied at school. A crazy teenager playing handball and falling in love with a handsome famous Persian wrestler. A young immigrant who suddenly lost her husband during her pregnancy in the first year of living in Sweden. A human who needed to adapt parallel to different cultures Swedish and Persian in dramatic circumstances breaking quickly language barriers. A mother with two roles at home mother’s and father’s, who struggles to raise a boy with some support from his uncle. 

The story about a strong, ambitious, and determined person who tries to understand the difficulties of other’s life, when she has a tuff time on her own to find solutions. A woman who is extremely thankful for supporting her and motivates others to do not give up. She loves people and her work as a volunteer, traveling, and dancing. A regular mortal who makes mistakes just like each of us, full of charisma and life drive. If you look at her today, you would never “guess” what she went through. Often when she meets a new person she does not talk about her life experiences, she lets them get to know her first.

Childhood – Only do what your heart tells you” Diana the Princess of Wales

I wish I could take you to a beautiful fable but life is both hard and beautiful, so I will take you on the journey, my journey.

My name is Diana and I live in a little Scandinavian red house close to nature in Sweden the land of Vikings. Diana is a female name probably derived from an Indo-European root word referring to the divine. It is the name of the Roman goddess Diana, the goddess of the hunt, forests, and childbirth. The French form of the name is Diane. In Persian, Diana means supplier (messenger) of beneficence and wellness. Diana ranks among the 100 most popular names for baby girls born in HungarySpain, and Ukraine, where it was among the top 10 most popular names for baby girls born in 2008. [1]

Me at the age of two with my favorite doll Dorothy.

[1] Wikipedia

With my fiancé Farid Ahadpour, the member of Polish National Wrestling Team.

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