December 9, 2023


Writers: Bengt WanseliusPaul Duncan

The August award-winning masterpiece is now in a 3.5-kilo paperback edition!
In 2008 Regi Bergman was awarded the August Prize. 10 years later, and in the same year that Ingmar Bergman would have turned 100 years old, a new edition of the book comes in a less gigantic format.

During the 60 years Ingmar Bergman was active as a director and screenwriter, he made nearly eighty feature films and television productions. He is considered one of the world’s most influential directors and many of his films have become milestones in film history. This is the great photo biography, compiled by Bengt Wanselius, who for 20 years worked as one of Bergman’s own still photographers. This colossal book contains over a thousand pictures depicting Bergman’s life and work. Here are not only images from all his films but also a long series of unique photographs from film shoots and private life. The texts in the book are mainly based on Ingmar Bergman’s own words, with quotes from diaries, letters, writings, and books. But here are also newly written texts by, among others, Erland Josephson, Birgitta Steene, and Bengt Forslund.

Said about the original release by Regi Bergman (2008):
»Yes, the right book won. There is not much in this year’s trade book publication that can seriously compete with the original and purposefully executed giant project “Regi Bergman”. A book to settle in.«
»Regi Bergman […] is not a book. It has also crossed the line of a so-called masterpiece – it is an encyclopedia, a monument, a statement of greatness within two thick, slightly bulging covers.«
The evening paper
»[…] A chronological review of Ingmar Bergman’s professional life that creates an almost dizzying feeling through its incredible wealth.«
»When you open the monumental Regi Ingmar Bergman, you are stunned by the power of the images. It is a detailed picture and text biography that follows Bergman’s professional life in detail, from the first theater production to the last works. The editorial work is exceptionally skillfully done by seven editors so that you get a chronicle of 70 years of artistic activity.«
The Express
»The only Bergman book you need.«

26.09.2023 Stockholm

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