December 9, 2023


MAESTRO; another interesting documentary by Zbigniew Gajzler, dedicated to Karol Nicze, he borned in 1944 in Pabianice, Polish classical, and entertainment pianist, who spent a lot of time on ships. He was a graduate of the State Higher School of Music in Łódź in the piano class. He graduated with honors on May 21, 1968.

Maestro Karol Nicze

He took part in the 8th International Piano Competition Frederic Chopin in Warsaw in 1970. He won 6th place, but due to his age, they changed it to 11th to give another young musician a chance. Switching the place from 6 to 11 at Chopin`s competition was not right, and it happened only because of his age. Nevertheless, he continued to play. As his son reflects: “Pabianice, a provincial musician, they could have perceived him this way, but he was not discouraged anyway.” Both the inhabitants and the school he came from were proud. Life and divine providence led him into the hands of wonderful teachers and gave him many interesting experiences.

The entire document contains many warm memories and statements about Karol from the point of view of his friends, family, and supporters. These statements are intertwined with archival films with his game, which gives us the opportunity to get to know the artist better and see who he was, at least partially.

 “He loved to play,” he has been playing since he was a child. You could say that it was his passion. “He was a great pianist, he was an extremely modest person.” “Reliable, witty, with a sense of humor.”

Music soothes manners and opens many hearts. The document shows both the extraordinary figure of the Maestro himself and his artistry. The director, Zbigniew Gajzler, as usual, created an interesting work that we can dedicate to fans of piano music. The lunar sonata, which we hear at the end, and the closing lid of the piano, is a great symbolic accent, along with the information about the artist’s death, and the statement itself: “Especially gifted people die too quickly, but that’s life.”

06.10.2021 Stockholm

Dr. Agnieszka Malczewska – Błaszczyk

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