June 10, 2023


We are a family of artists from Ukraine, we’d lived and worked in Kyiv before the full-scale invasion started war started. Presently we are in Cordoba, we’ve come here for two months to create a mural. After finishing the work on the mural, we will return to Ukraine, where the war is still going on.

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Michael is an artist who’s been creating paintings all his conscious life. Originally, he’s from Crimea, Ukraine.  He graduated from Art Simferopol School and later he finished Kharkiv Art Academy. His paintings were exhibited in England, Poland, Germany, and other European countries. He threw a lot of personal and collaborative exhibitions. He painted dozens of murals and created installations and art objects all around Ukraine. Olya is an art manager, who deals with all organizational issues and has extensive experience working with musicians. She’s worked at a lot of Ukrainian festivals.

We moved to our native city Khmelnytskyi from Kyiv after the full-scale invasion started. We founded a workshop studio, where we gladly meet friends, spend most of our time, and create artworks that we’re going to present in Europe. Also, we spread Ukrainian culture and help our Ukrainian defenders, who are protecting us and fighting for the Independence of Ukraine, for our freedom!

Our work is about life during the war. My wife and son, who was 1 month old when the war started, are pictured here. We managed to escape from Kyiv when it was shelled, but many people, mothers, and children couldn’t run away. Many children of different ages died, and this work is a tribute to them. This mural is about love, hope, and the fight for a bright future, about the eternal love of mother and child, which will exist no matter what.

This mural shows 2 layers, the bottom one is the rockets that hit our houses and kill us! We will never forget, never forgive, and will apprise the next generations about it.

12.05.2023 Stockholm

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