December 9, 2023


German National Tourist Board to focus on sustainable inbound tourism at ATM 2023

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Timber framing houses Quedlinburg old town, Germany

GNTB’s vision of ‘Making Tourism More Sustainable’ aims to make a meaningful contribution to climate change mitigation & encourage GCC visitors 

Over 404,700 arrivals generating more than 1.1 million overnight stays by GCC guests in 2022 a 117.6% increase over 2021 

GCC best performing inbound tourism market in Asia & Australasia 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1st May 2023: The HYPERLINK “” German National Tourist Board (GNTB) presented a campaign update today (Monday 1st May), for their vision of ‘Making Tourism More Sustainable’ to GCC travel professionals at HYPERLINK “” Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2023. 

Under the slogan, ‘Germany, simply inspiring’, GNTB is focusing on the sustainable related aspects across a number of tourism segments, which include: 

Embrace German Nature, highlighting natural landscapes and activity holidays; Historic Modern Germany, promoting cultural heritage and 51 UNESCO World Heritage sites, with a spotlight on traditions and customs of rural regions. And thirdly, their Feel Good – Sustainable Travel in Germany campaign, emphasizes how to enjoy an environmentally friendly holiday in Germany. 

“We aim to make a meaningful contribution towards climate change mitigation, supporting Germany’s commitment to net zero, as well as driving increasing numbers of environmentally aware, inbound GCC tourists,” said Yamina Sofo, Director at the German National Tourist GCC Office (GNTO GCC), an affiliate of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB).   

“We want to present Germany as an all-year-round destination, that is not only sustainable but diverse, accessible, inclusive, resilient, and viable for the future,” she added.

Timber framing houses Quedlinburg old town, Germany

The GCC region is now Germany’s top-performing inbound source market in Asia and Australasia, with 404,707 GCC guests generating almost 1.13 overnight stays during 2022, representing an increase of 117.6%, compared with the same period in 2021.   

“These figures confirm that Germany continues to be a preferred tourism destination for GCC visitors and unspoiled nature and careful use of resources are clearly becoming increasingly important to them. We also want to encourage longer stays in order to reduce the carbon footprint per travel day,” said Sofo.

Germany boasts more than 350 spa and health resorts and the GNTB is focusing on the sustainability-related aspects of health tourism. These include the preservation of traditional treatment methods, location-specific treatments and remedies as drivers of regional prosperity, and examples of sustainable energy management.

There is also growing interest in low-impact tourism which is supporting climate goals and making tourism more resilient. More than one-third of Germany’s land area is under special protection as a nature park or national park, it has around 200,000 kilometers of walking trails and 70,000 kilometers of long-distance cycle routes. There has also been a resurgence of interest in traditional lifestyles in rural regions, which has further bolstered Germany’s image as a sustainable travel destination. 

In addition, Germany boasts 51 World Heritage sites, and over 6,000 museums, offering a wealth of interesting places of cultural and historical significance.  

The GNTB’s focus on sustainability provides synergy with the official ATM 2023 theme – ‘Working Towards Net Zero’. In addition, Dubai will be the host for COP28 this year and outbound tour operators and travel agents will no doubt have sustainable travel at the top of their agendas.   

Participants on Germany stand this year include Baden-Baden Tourism Board, Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf Tourism Board, Elinor Travel Germany, Frankfurt Airport VIP-Services, Frankfurt Tourism Board, Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection, Hotel Palace Berlin, Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village, International Office am Klinikum Solingen GmbH, The Wellem – part of the unbound collection by Hyatt, Wiesbaden Tourism and visitBerlin. 

Arabian Travel Market 2023 takes place from 1-4 May and the Germany stand is located in the Europe Hall Stand EU1635.

Beautiful view of idyllic alpine mountain scenery with blooming meadows and snowcapped mountain peaks on a beautiful sunny day with blue sky in springtime


About the GNTB

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) works on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to represent Germany as a tourist destination and is funded by the Ministry in accordance with a decision taken by the German Bundestag. Working closely with the German travel industry and private-sector partners and trade associations, the GNTB develops strategies and marketing campaigns to promote Germany’s positive image abroad as a travel destination and to encourage tourists to visit the country. 

The GNTB’s primary strategic areas of action are:

Developing evidence-based action plans on the basis of targeted market research and ongoing analysis of market-specific customer demand (Sinus milieus). 

Supporting the travel industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized businesses, through relationship management and the sharing of knowledge. 

Raising awareness of the Destination Germany brand and enhancing the brand profile with a focus on sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Focus on sustainability and digitalization:

The GNTB promotes forward-looking tourism in line with the objectives of the German government. The focus here is on sustainability and digitalization. 

To make inbound tourism more sustainable and competitive, our organization follows a three-pillar strategy that combines the sharing of knowledge with external partners and a supporting communications strategy with our internal sustainability initiative. The GNTB positions Germany as a sustainable and inclusive destination in the international travel market.

The GNTB is a pioneer when it comes to using immersive technologies (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality), voice assistants and other conversational interfaces, and artificial intelligence applications such as chatbots. To ensure that tourism offerings are visible on AI-based marketing platforms, the GNTB coordinates the German tourism industry’s open-data/knowledge graph project. 

The GNTB has 25 foreign agencies that it manages from its head office in Frankfurt.

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