October 1, 2023


European Championships in Wrestling Seniors 18-25 of April/ Warsaw

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Polish female team with trainers won team medal

Polish female team with trainers won team medal

The report from European Championships in Wrestling Seniors took place on 18-25 of April in the big hall of Torwar in Warsaw where our international correspondent Diana Kicia received a VIP invitation from Andrzej Supron the President of the Polish Wrestling Federation. 

It was a well-organized sport event with control regarding covid restrictions, amazing atmosphere and high quality of technical support. We had athletes from both Free and GrecoRoman styles from 30 countries.

Poland collected a total of 9 medals: 5 bronze and 4 silver. The winner was Russia who collected 22 medals. Sweden did not collect medals this time. 

Results from freestyle ladies: Roksana Zasina (55kg), Angelina Lysak (57kg) won silver and Katarzyna Madrowska (62kg), Aleksandra Wolczynska (65kg) Anna Lukasiak (50kg) won bronze.

Anna Lukasiak happy of her bronze medal with the trainer
With Katarzyna Krawczyk Olympic and Anna Lukasiak Bronze Medalist of European Championships

Results from freestyle men: Krzysztof Bienkowski (67kg) won silver and Eduard Griegoriew (61kg), Radoslaw Baran (97kg) won bronze.

Results from classic style men: Mateusz Bernatek (67kg) won silver.

Mateusz Bernatek presenting his silver medal

Incredible emotions during fights presented Angelina Lysak and Anna Lukasiak showing a lot of engagement and appreciation, tears, and happiness. 

From male wrestlers, we enjoyed fights by Roman Pacurkowski who placed in 5th place. This young participant comes from Ukraine and represents the AWF Warsaw club. 

Roman Pacurkowski in action

This time our experienced wrestler Olympic Tadeusz Michalik (97kg) unfortunately could not achieve his goal as of fast preparation to fights in the different weight category and his body did not manage the condition needed to fight when he lost with Finnish wrestler Arvi Savolainen, but we keep fingers crossed to the next competition for his normal weight category.

Mateusz Bernatek has presented a beautiful technique, fight, result, and the most of all real sportsman approach winning silver. This is proof that he grows tremendously and is a great candidate for higher achievements for Poland we hope he will get an opportunity for.

It was an honor to meet many known trainers and olympics like Andrzej Wronski (the only one Wrestler in GrecoRoman style in Poland who has won two Olympic Gold Medals), Stanislaw Krzesinski, Ryszard Wolny, Jacek Fafinski, Marek Garmulewicz, Jozef Niemec, Antoni Zolna, Hubert Roszkiewicz, Monika Michalik, Jacek Wieczorek, Damian Janikowski who strongly supported wrestlers.

Diana with Marek Garmulewicz Olympic, who has won three gold medals on European Championships, trainer of Polish team and with Dawid Świerad the son for Ryszard Świerad and trainer of Swedish team.

From Swedish representation with Alex Kesidis, Bogdan Kourinnoi, Daniel Soini, Oskar Johansson results, unfortunately, were not what we hoped for because of some injury and sickness as later explained by Dawid Swierad the trainer of the National Team from AIK Wrestling Stockholm. One of these representatives Alex Kesidis is already qualified and preparing for Olympic Games in Tokyo. We wish you good luck, Alex.

Diana Kicia with The President of Wrestling Andrzej Supron and Olympic Champion Ryszard Wolny

It was a beautiful event with good stamina and energy. Thank you for inviting me and showing your sport spirit. We could see you left a part of your hearts on these mats! Mashalla!

Diana Kicia

Stockholm 23.05.2021

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