October 4, 2023


Enma Alcarraz Guia is a Peruvian painter based in the United States of America. Her passion for drawing and painting was evident from a young age. When she began her studies at elementary school, she received diplomas and drawing prizes, and was recognized by her teachers and classmates. Her artistic development as a child and adolescent was self-taught, drawing her favorite animated characters with colored pencils and then copying classic masterpieces on cardboard with tempera paints.

At the age of seventeen, Enma studied at the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú, one of the most prestigious art schools in South America. During her years of study, her learning and academic performance were both fruitful and successful. In 2006, she was recognized with a Gold Medal in Painting. Later, in 2009, she obtained her professional painter title.

Moreover, she got her Bachelor of Arts degree from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in 2014.

Throughout her career, she has explored and experimented with various artistic techniques, ultimately discovering her preference for watercolors. The magical creations she creates are full of innocence and fantasy. Her characters have big eyes, reflecting purity and sweetness. She is most inspired by nature and beauty.

Enma´s paintings have been displayed in several art galleries and are now a part of the collection of art collectors. In turn, her artistic knowledge was shared through her teaching at various higuer education and academic institutions.

Later, in 2017, she created and founded Taller de Arte Lápiz Azul with the aim of promoting art among the youngest and those who want to learn drawing and painting.

Enma keeps creating and painting,  while also sharing her art and knowledge.

Contact information:

Instagram: @enmaalcarrazartist

Email: enmaguia@gmail.com

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