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Eduardo Cavero – Egúsquiza Martínez

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Peruvian Professional Photographer and Teacher.

“Forging values ​​I hope to make this world a better place to live”

“I was born in a wonderful country that is full of beauty, charm and harmony. There is no limit to the adventures you can have ”.

I am a multifaceted teacher, administrator, and professional photographer specialized in advertising product photography. Some major ad agencies consider me one of the best image artists. I also consider myself a country landscape photographer because of my composition and bucolic style. I can enter the fascinating world of Photographic Language and it´s an application to improve Compositions and Travel Photography, combining urban landscape or street photography that I do in Peru, my country.

“Mastering composition is essential to be able to capture images of true quality that provide the photographer with a means of expression and, at the same time, they are able to offer a clear message to those who visualize them”. Attendees of my classes, talks, workshops, and conferences are inspired by the theme and the way the courses are being taught. The different trips I take in the interior of the country are the ones that inspire me the most.

“I spread the beauty of my country to foreigners and to my own people so they can appreciate the rich culture, our enigmatic past, the delicious and varied food of each place, and the wonderful landscapes.”


I am a photographer who likes to travel and mingle with people, talk, laugh, capture emotions, and camp under the stars. I direct my Studio and Photography Workshop and develop important formative work through my school. I work as a teacher in prestigious institutions of Lima, the capital of Peru, and I have left an important legacy to more than 3,000 students who have had the opportunity to receive my classes, talks, and workshops. I also give photography courses for other companies applying a new andragogy technique.

Among other topics, I teach Composition and Advertising Photography courses that are recognized as the most complete and interesting in the market.

My author’s work is in the process of being exhibited soon in different galleries, as well as different textbooks to help train new professionals in photography.

“I love my job because I am passionate about expressing through images, feelings, messages, and beauty.”


My father was a photographer, his stories were fascinating to me. Following my adventurous spirit, I traveled to different places in Peru always trying to have a small camera with me.

When I was 16 years old I traveled to the Sierra de Lima and took pictures with a pocket camera. They came out very beautiful and someone told me that I was talented.

In 1998 I started studying photography and for the first time I took pictures of a wedding and I said to myself: this is my thing!

First I started capturing landscapes, portraits, then press events and I found myself exploring the different facets until I received a call from an agency to do advertising portraits. I tried to apply my knowledge in each situation and I trained myself because the work was very demanding, and also well paid so the passion was complete. Even when clients have something established I am always allowed to contribute with ideas, so I believe that my advertising projects manifest a lot of my own creation and that is extremely gratifying.


 I also took Business Administration courses and dedicated myself to managing restaurants, then I formed events and catering company, and once I saw the need to attend the photo service I began to study Photography. The basic course fascinated me even though it took me a year and a half to finish it and then I dedicated myself to that career. I consider myself lucky to have met so many people who cultivate this art as a profession and with each one of them I learn.

“Any camera is perfect if it is in the right hand at the right time to take a picture and immortalize a beautiful moment.”

Regarding the client portraits I take, at fashion events, weddings or family, I consider my style bucolic because I take advantage of the outdoor locations close to my home and outside my city as well. I look for places in my country where the sun shines all year round and I enjoy beautiful agricultural landscapes, country clubs, greenery, and blue skies. I combine glamour with the countryside, nature, and animals.


With my picture taking technique, I merge two well-defined styles. I try to capture the essence of emotions without interfering. This technique is called a journalist. It is the one used by journalists and paparazzi, and on the other hand, many of the photographs are organized and directed, which means that I take the photograph from the previous conception of the idea, planning everything, the location, the wardrobe, the position of the lights, the composition, the corporal handling including the message of the hands. I try to direct people’s eyes because I am a publicist photographer.

Something that I discovered by looking at the work of famous photographers is the importance of capturing the essence and personality that is reflected in the photos and I think the best way is to know the portrayed persons well. For that good communication and connection has to be established.

I always work as a team and try to prepare my staff as best as possible. They are very helpful and well trained. I share as many experiences as possible with them.

I think there have been several challenges that I have gone through but the most daring ones I am certain I might not have faced yet. With each new experience, I learn and if there is something new and unknown to me, I get training for myself or call some other expert on the subject and share the work. It is not important to me if I do not earn any money on that occasion but the experience of working with an expert is more valuable to me.

When a picture is good it is not always good for others. Each one has a different point of view. What I like about a photograph is that it arouses some emotion when seeing it, maybe because the composition is impeccable and even if it breaks the composition rules. It shows that the author knows what he was doing and was careful enough when framing. One of the satisfactions that photography has given me is traveling all over my country and being able to expose its marvel’s.

“The end of the trip is not the destination. It’s the setbacks and memories that are created along the way”

I always like to share and communicate. In my profession, I found a way to help. I am satisfied with my work because I think about the commitment to improve the lives of people and I am proud to see students who exceed my expectations. When I started, as an inexperienced teacher I only counted on my enthusiasm. This helped me overcome the difficulties that I went through at the beginning of my career as an educator.

“I think that a teacher has to be fully convinced of the value of education and has to be interested in helping people to feel motivated and satisfied.”

“Teaching photography fills me with satisfaction”.

When the courses are designed by me I have a lot of creativity and passion in transmitting my experience to the students which are reflected in the results. The students develop their artistic talent using photography as another tool that adapts to the different disciplines that institutes or universities teach. When I see the good final work of a student who at the beginning of the course did not express much interest I feel that I have managed to open new possibilities in his / her professional future. Many students find photography a business activity parallel to their studies and confidently go out to cover events with my permanent advice. Others take advantage of the projects that are made in classes to have a good portfolio that will serve them in the professional field. But the most important thing is that they will never forget what they learned with great passion and the experiences they had between their classmates and the teacher.

The best advice that I give my students is that they study with enthusiasm and dedicate 100% of their time and energy to what they are passionate about and assume it with a high degree of ethics and responsibility.

There is so much to discover to show to the world and you will find it behind a camera!


Thank you very much Eduardo for showing us the beauty of World and Peruvian culture.

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