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Dance Vision World Foundation/ vision that changes the world

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Dance Vision World is a Foundation founded on the 25-year tradition of Maria Banaszek’s Dance Vision Poland operating throughout Poland, mainly in Gdańsk, is the International Dance Studio operating as a street dance theatre school, it is a 25-year tradition of multiple Polish Champions and World Champions in Hip Hop Dance. Also Latinamerican and Applied Dance. They are multiple participants in all Polish dance programs. Today, DV graduates are great specialists in their fields working in Poland and abroad. The long-term headmaster of the school was Maria Banaszek, decorated with the medal of President Lech Wałęsa.

Currently, the President of the Management Board is Ivo Bruno Pomorski (ISTD). Trainer, professional choreographer, and diploma of the Royal Society of Dance Teachers in London. Polish and international judge, stage director, and creator of 120 Polish and foreign projects. Television shows, Musicals, and commercials, bilingual: J. English, Polish.

Here is the interview with Him and his management of the Dance Vision World foundation.

Ivo Bruno Pomorski

1. You are the President of the Dance Vision World Foundation, which is developing beautifully, did you expect such a rapid development of the organization?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write this article.
We both have a lot of work to do in the Foundation and every extra task is a special, dedicated time.

After 25 years of working at a Dance Factory, a Dance Academy, and many years of experience on the world stage, where we organized festivals, Dance Championships, and Musical concerts, we were just ready to sum it all up.

Therefore, our new/old baby was born.

The international Dance Vision World Foundation with a head office in Warsaw and branches in London and in the future in Asian countries.

Of course, there are already people who will be working on this in 1.5 months (Arek Patla).

I have recruited you for cooperation!
You have an amazing international experience on a very high level.
I needed this to develop the Foundation on an international level.
The Designer Magazine is just a small example of this.

I was also looking forward to a beautiful cooperation with Ilona Adamska,

President of the European Businesswomen’s Club.

Every element of international cooperation is important.

In my opinion, it is only by working as a team and combining forces that we can achieve certain success.
And this is what is happening here at the moment.
Rapid development is the result of our daily cooperation, video conferences, and negotiations with companies online.

In a few moments, Arek Patla, as our Ambassador, will be speaking personally to companies in Asian countries.
We are talking to Peru, we are talking to Dubai.

We are making efforts to obtain government grants from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, etc., etc.
We do a lot of things.

Eventually, we also started cooperation with the USA.
Resolution of the Foundation of. 20 October 2022 established the :
Honorary President of the Foundation.
He is Mr. Paul Lyczek from the USA.

Mr. Lyczek has saved our operations more than once, has provided support, and business advice, and is our guardian angel for virtually everything.

I am proud to have such a mentor because thanks to him I can continue to learn how to run my business.

The coolest thing now is that Paul was also born in Poland.
He was my neighbor when I was in primary school.

Today he is an American businessman.
And that’s cool.

In the future, he will be our saber and wall of defense in aspects in which we have little experience.
In conclusion, with such a team of people, our development has become rapid.

I sympathize with the people who started discussions with us and did not continue them.
Because they did not have the time, because they did not take us seriously, because they did not want to.

They lost a lot of money in their business.

But that’s the way it is in life.
If we ask for something as a Foundation, we have to provide it (e.g. required documents)
if a person or company does not have the time to do this, they automatically lose all potential funding.

Congratulations to all those individuals and companies who have already decided to cooperate with us despite our 6-month existence.

They need to notice very strongly that we have more than 25 years of experience in reality.
We have people on the board with a lot of huge, heavy experience. 
We have everything that other foundations do not have.

That is why I wish such a powerful force would last forever here in Warsaw. Thanks for this question.

2. You decided on a very selective selection of people and their functions on the board, what election motives guided you when building the board of the organization?

In fact, I already answered this question a moment ago.
People with international and powerful experience are on the board of the Dance Vision World Foundation.

Without them, there would be no rapid development.
I only realized this during Pandemic COVID 19

Many of us have changed our approach to life in general.
Me too.

Mr. Paul Lyczek, on the other hand, is the quintessence of support, and business experience.
Whenever I have a problem he is there.

That is why we have decided to honor him.
He will receive the title
Honorary President of the Dance Vision World Foundation,

signed by the entire board of the Foundation.

3. What are your plans for the future related to the foundation and what do you value the most in cooperation?

Plans for the future are strictly defined and substantive.

We intend to obtain grants from the 
– Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 
– The Ministry of Sport and Tourism
to support sports dancers in Poland and abroad.
Dance tournaments, dance workshops, festivals, concerts, etc.

We are a supporting member of Polish and foreign sports and cultural federations.

In addition, our ambassadors talk to private donors, for example, hotel owners in Egypt.
There are so many things we are negotiating at the moment.

So whoever is working with us today has won the lottery.

Thank you for everything, Madam President, and I hope that this is not the last time we will tell people around the world about our dance & business world.

Thank you for your time.

You R the Best

Paul Lyczek

1. You received the title of Honorary President of the Dance Vision World foundation, which made you agree to such a position in the organization? 

For me, It is always a case of “helping the brother in need”…  I re-connected with Ivo some time ago. Around the early stage of the pandemic, I became concerned about him.  Thanks to social networks I have been going through the old friends from my neighborhood in Boleslawiec and my school buddies checking up on how they are doing in this artificial world situation.  The worldwide shutdown was unprecedented and always bad for all industries in particular arts/entertainment.

2. How does your cooperation with Dance Vision World in Poland look like? 

Ivo’s US activities impressed me knowing how difficult it is for an emigrant to meld in and become something new in the new country.  His passion for his profession is perhaps the brightest of all the highly trained professionals I know.  Foundation IS his passion.  It needs nursing at the early stage, the most difficult stage before it has a life of its own.

I am greatly honored to receive the honorary title.  Ivo surprised me utterly!  It is something I did not expect nor required but I see it as two friends, neighbors, living in peace and appreciating each other…  Such long-term relationships have the side effect of breeding peace and respect and are good for all.  

3. What are your plans for the future related to the foundation?

My future plans involve focusing on external support.  I am quite certain, the Foundation is in great hands and does not require that much of my input in day-to-day activities.  Getting the word out is perhaps the most important thing to focus on at this moment. Concentrating on delivering value to audiences is a close second.  

There is a lot to learn but the ride has the potential to be unforgettable and perhaps the greatest “thing” Ivo and anyone around him to do and enjoy in his life and his associates.  I am glad I can help…

Ilona Adamska

1. You became the President of Public Relation in the Dance Vision World foundation, which made you agree to such a position in the organization?

Experience. I ran my own Public Relations agency for several years. I know how to build the brand and image of both private individuals and companies and organizations. In my business life, I follow the principle of Woody Allen, who said that 80% of success is the ability to show yourself. I realize that you can have a great product, and a great foundation, but without good advertising and promotion, you won’t be able to conquer the world. I believe in the idea of ​​the Foundation created by Ivo, so I decided that I would take up the challenge and help in promoting the activities of DANCE VISION WORLD.

Also, when I was a young girl, I had a little dance episode. I practiced in the Flamenco ballroom dance team in Sanok. I love dancing. I love sensuality, the femininity that flows from it. Working at the Foundation will allow me to come back to my memories for a moment. Get to know exceptional dancers.

2. What does your collaboration with Dance Vision World look like?

For now, we are meeting online to download details related to the statutory activities of the company. There are already the first big plans that the president should tell about. I don’t feel like a competent person. I would like to strongly combine my activities in the Foundation with my main business – the European Business Women’s Club. We invite our members to great dance tournaments, galas, and events organized by the foundation. Jointly acquire Partners and Sponsors. I am a person who often acts spontaneously. Many great ideas are born unexpectedly. Out of the plan.

3. What are your plans for the future related to the foundation, what do you value most in your business life?

The most important thing in business for me is loyalty and respect. Because even if we are not on our way in different worldviews and on certain topics, respect is something that allows us to act with class and cordiality despite differences.

Arkadiusz Patla


1. You became the Ambassador of the Dance Vision World Foundation abroad, which made you agree to this function?

I agreed to become an ambassador for Dance Vision World in order to help young talents explore the world through dance, which would involve traveling to tournaments.

2. Foundation activities include social work for the common good, what activities will you undertake for organizations abroad in Asian countries?

In Asian countries, my task is to search for venues to organize tournaments and gather contacts to cooperate with the foundation.

3. What are your plans for the future related to the foundation?

The only thing I would like is to see smiles on the faces of the people the foundation helps. This is always the best reward and so every happy person will give me the motivation to continue supporting the foundation and its development.

Halina Bartoszek Rosa

1. You received the position of the President of the Marketing Department at the Dance Vision World Foundation, which made you agree to such a function in the organization.

First, of all, I want to thank the President of the foundation for inviting me the cooperation. It is an honor for me to be in this position and work with professionals. I agree with this position because I have fantastic knowledge about how to marketize business and be visible internationally which gives us opportunities to cooperate with many countries supporting at the same time developing and promoting physical culture and sports achievements.

2. How does your collaboration with Dance Vision World look like?

I am the President of my own foundation supporting culture and international cooperation which can be connected with the Dance Vision World foundation activities in our future projects. As we know single drivers are not so welcome on the market. We must be cooperative to achieve our together goals to improve the social life of others. I am also the Editor in Chief of the magazine Designer Stockholm, running my own media which helps our foundation be more visible in social media worldwide. As an accreditated journalist, I take part in many important international events, where I can find our potential donators. Rising funds for both organizations are significant.

3. What are your plans for the future related to the foundation?

Foundations activities is a charity work connected with supporting the social life in many fields, solving generally society’s problems, and implementing public tasks. My future plans connected with the foundation Dance Vision World are simple: connect the power of organizations and all parts of management to build an empire that brings light to many who need our help to fulfill their dreams.

Thank you very much for your time too, and wish you all the best in the future.

Halina Bartoszek Rosa The Editor in Chief

05.11.2022 Stockholm

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