October 1, 2023


Caftan Du Maroc 2023 at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

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Let’s take a look at the grandiose flavors of the Orient on February 23, 24, and 25, 2023! A trip to the Middle East is a unique experience, all countries are vibrant with a cultural richness where human experience is measured by the simplicity and greatness of millennial gestures.

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Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental
Sofia Calvo, The Editor in Chief of the magazine DESIGNER PERU

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The Moroccan caftan is included in Moroccan intangible heritage. The fashion show was attended by outstanding designers and creators from various countries of the world, including Morocco, Tunisia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and others countries. The edition of the Moroccan Caftan Exhibition in Abu Dhabi is also distinguished by the presence of great personalities from the fields of diplomacy, entrepreneurship, cultural and art celebrities, as well as women, representatives of the international press and media, influencers, and creators of online content. One of the special guests was the magazine DESIGNER Stockholm and Peru. It was a pleasure to meet such talented designers. This unique edition was a great success on all levels.

Siham El Habti, Halina Bartoszek Rosa the Editor in Chief of the magazine DESIGNER Stockholm

Siham El Habti, Halina Bartoszek Rosa the Editor in Chief of the magazine DESIGNER Stockholm

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THE DESIGNERS: Siham El Habti, Farah Benchekroun, Inesaf Benaissa, Belyed handcraft, Zoubida Kazi, Maison Yacef, ELM Samia, Ikram Mouch, Rafael Dorian, Rkia Ait Blal, Samira Asbai, Wifaq Hamousaid Bejaoui, Zahra Rachidi, Zineb Boufarsi, Amine Marni.

They have exhibited their creations for 3 days to a refined audience, eager for style and art. The Abu Dhabi exhibition, is an inspiring event, a meeting of lovers of oriental haute couture, an invitation to discover traditional crafts to celebrate and safeguard the oriental heritage. The impressive, the legendary, and the exceptional, in their most extreme sense, are at the center of the podium of Caftan of Morocco at the Emirates Palace. In addition, through the exhibition we want to celebrate the artisans without whom, the caftans will remain traces on paper. Thus, we want to encourage young creators of the Caftan who are thinking of being recognized for their originality.

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