October 1, 2023


I am particularly happy to be able to recommend Axel Lenarduzzi, who was my student for several years at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique in Brussels.
Axel is a very talented young pianist, so technically sound, that he has been able to take on very complex pieces, such as the Rhapsodie Espagnole or Tschaikovsky First Piano Concerto. His tremendous potential is waiting to flourish and certainly deserves much support during his young career.
I will add that he has always shown consistency, enthusiasm, and has proven to be strong during his public appearances. Hence, I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

   Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden

The relationship between the piano and Axel Lenarduzzi started as a pinnacle that brought on many more: the end of his education, in the mythic city of Rome, was crowned by a prestigious diploma – Diplôme supérieur de perfectionnement à l’unanimité – issued by the no less prestigious Académie nationale supérieure Santa Cecilia, and earned under the teachings of Sergio Perticaroli.

The encounter with the maestro, which will occur during the festival de Salzburg, will bring about the end of his apprenticeship, open up his artistic vision of the piano, and of life as a concert pianist. To Axel, practicing the piano, life as a musician, and the role of the musician as an interpret are opportunities to open up spiritually, to discover not only the self, but humanity as a whole, because playing for the public implies having a humanitarian side, because interpreting, seeking the truth, and the artist within, implies self-discovery and working on the self.

Aside from his passion for the piano, he has also fed his love of literature and philosophy, via the works of such masters as Nikos Kazantzakis, Herman Hesse, Fédor Dostoïevski, and great thinker Jean-Yves Le loup, just to name a few…

His long apprenticeship in music, which ended in Rome, actually started at the Cconservatoire d’Asnières, under the direction of Christian Manen, where he brillliantly mastered every level. Next came the Conservatoire National de Région de Boulogne-Billancourt with Geneviève Ibanez, followed by the Conservatoires Nationaux de Région de Montpellier with Patrick Zygmanovski, and the Conservatoire National de Paris with Jean-Marie Cottet. During those years, he also attended several Masterclasses with Pascal Devoyon, and worked with pianist Géry Moutier at the Académie Internationale du Moulin d’Andé. He was then introduced to Bruno Rigutto with whom he perfected his skills for a few years, before he would meet Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, at the Festival de Novarra, whose class he joined at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, and earned the first prize in piano, music history, harmony, chamber music and analysis. He also started studying with Sergio Perticaroli at la Schola Cantorum in Paris, before returning to his Italian roots in Rome.

During his Italian journey, he has the opportunity to play and work in the Rodi Garganico Masters-class, to stay at the Medici Giulini villa, and to meet composer Davide Liani.

His desire for exchange and for experiencing different styles of interpretation cause him to further perfect his skills with pianists Jean Marc Luisada and Elena Rozanova, and to play with violonist Svetlin Roussev. He will also collaborate with l’atelier lyrique de Normandie, directed by Philippe Hui, accompanying French and German opera singers. During that priod of time, he finds his mentoring by Noël Lee most beneficial. Intrigued by musical and physical movement, he gets deeply involved in Tai-chi and sport.
The prize-winner of many International competitions, in Italy, France, Vignola Classica, Liszt, Naoumoff, Lyon’s Club, he starts playing professionally on a regular basis: Festival Tempietto di Roma, Festival Notte Classice, and more.

In 2006, he is invited in the USA, where he performs a triomphant series of concerts in Alabama andFlorida, a recital with pianist Robert Holm, and the recording of In concert and of Famous piano Duo.
Back in France, his presence is requested from one festival to the next: Coream, with Svetlin Roussev, Gorges du Tarn , Les Week-end du Piano at Maisons-Laffitte, Parc de Bel Ebat in Avon, Musique en Fête in Alsace, where he recreated on stage the Conservatoire National de la grande sonate de Marie Jaëll, Classique et Jazz in Val-Thorens, the Festival du Château de Martigny.

In 2008, he is asked to return to the US. This new tour takes him to Louisiana, Mississipi, and other Southern states. He plays in the New Orleans Trinity Concert series, gives a recital, performs a duet with Robert Holm, collaborates with several U.S. universities, namely South Alabama University and Birmingham University, and performs a live radio concert.

Festival invitations keep coming: Château de Nailly , Festival de l’abbaye de Vauluisant, Festival de Calvi, Hulencourt Art Project, Festival de Lagord, Le piano dans tous ses éclats, les musicales de l’Arbousière, Classique et Jazz in Val-Thorens, Festival de l’abbaye de Talloires, Paris Deco-off for the unique presentation « piano haute couture », Festival Les Musicales d’Epernay, and PagArt Festival, directed by Lovro Pogorelich.

Important event :

_In 2011, to honor a composer with whom he has been fascinated since his debut as a pianist, he records Liszt Invocation, in which he takes us on a journey through Liszt’s various composition styles and transcripts.
_In 2012, he is invited to the U.S. once more to perform various concerts, teach a masterclass, and speak at the Uiversity of Alabama on the piano techniques in French music.
_In 2013, the album Alpha et Omega, combines the beginning works of Brahms with his latest ones.
_In 2015, New tour in Usa and Canada, piano recital, master-class, duo, and a speak about Russian music.
_In 2016, invited by the prestigious “Festival de Verbier” for a workshop about “Music and Brain”
_In 2017, several piano recital for the “ClimateKeys series”, new duo collaboration with Violin and Singer.
_In 2018, new Usa tour, master-class and concert with work from French composer, Dutilleux,Debussy, Ravel
_In 2022, he will return to Usa, with a new project about Franz Liszt. Special tour.

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