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There Is No Escape From Destiny

Aein’s Ghobadi’s love for the Polish language brought him straight to the Polish land.

Man’s fate is predetermined, and man’s role is to surrender to destiny. Aein Ghobadi was born in Qazvin, Iran. From an early age, his attention remained focused on literature, music, and learning foreign languages. Thanks to his love for music, Aein got to know two Polish figures from the world of music who contributed to his decision to learn the Polish language. Chopin and Nergal, classical music, and heavy metal music. Two distant poles that as we can see, it is possible to love simultaneously. Aein is a beautiful example of a human being with an open mind, a sensitive soul, and a heart that opens its gates and welcomes the world with its all boons.

Love can be difficult and often it challenges us, but true love overcomes all obstacles. For Aein, the fact itself of learning Polish turned out to be such an obstacle, because there were no materials available for learning this language in Iran including websites that could help him to harness one of the most difficult languages. Once he managed to get the pdf of the notes, he quickly discovered that this love put him to another test, it turned out that grammar was a huge attempt at that love. However, this did not discourage the teenage Aein at that time from learning and acquiring language skills of his own.

Knowledge of literature, especially poetry, is common in Iran. People often read and cite quotes from famous national poets. When Aein felt comfortable enough in Polish, he decided to translate the poetic works of great Polish poets such as Tadeusz Różewicz or Czesław Miłosz. Half a year ago, a book was published with the translation of 25 poems by Tadeusz Różewicz in Iranian, it took Aein seven years but poetry is tough and the translation of poems is made out of the heart’s need.

Aein’s way to Poland was long and winding, it lasted twelve years but he never gave up hope that his dream would one day come true. In 2021, he received a scholarship from the Book Institute; National Cultural Institution in Krakow in Poland, and a visa to stay in Poland with a work permit. Currently, Aein works as an Iranian translator for refugees from Afghanistan staying in Poland, mainly for children who start their education in Polish schools.

Poland and Poles have completely stolen Aein’s heart. He is now fulfilling his big dream. He travels to get to know all corners of Poland and thanks to the work and friends he has in Poland, he perfects his Polish language.

He is asked about his future, and he gives an unambiguous answer, that Poland is his place on the earth.

Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

29.09.2022 Stockholm

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