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Rafael Porzycki. Philosophy of Architecture

“There was no one near to confuse me so I was forced to become original”

– Joseph Haydn –

Rafael Porzycki graduated as an Architect from the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. As an ambitious student, he was chosen to extend his interest in architecture by participating in PHD course related to a new stream in designing ecological architecture where he closely collaborated with Universities of Technology from Germany, the UK, and Norway in this matter. Extensive architectural and engineering knowledge, which he has gained during intensive years of learning, was very helpful in his career especially when he moved to Cyprus in 2005. Since then he has been working with the most influential local and foreign architectural firms to create his own unique style which is widely recognizable in the Urban Landscape of Cyprus. Working with many foreign clients from Russia, UK, Jordan, Israel, and China allowed him to deeply understand the difference in their cultures and needs which was necessary to develop into a successful Architect, not only on the Island of Aphrodite but also in other parts of the world.

Architecture is an exciting journey through the fantasy land with Grand Finale. It starts somewhere between a dream and the will to realize it – a desire to explore the mirage, to build it, and to touch it. Firstly, comes an idea, very unclear at first and unexpected, like the sound of thunder. Because it appears so quickly, your brain cannot determine whether it is simply a delusion or not. Natural instinct alerts you to listen to the idea and judge its behavior. All circulating thoughts, borne in the essence of the invention become notes and compose an extraordinary symphony expressed by the balance held within – the harmony of shapes, colors, numbers, and engineering bonded tightly by the strong power of creation. This special marriage of art and science gives definition to empty spaces by creating surfaces and gives these spaces special functions to loyally serve the needs of humanity, as we live in a world governed by our requirements.

The Architect is a mediator between expectations and affordability, the thin line connecting the past with the future. He knows how to crystallize undefined concepts, saturate them, shape them and give them life.  It is a great skill to orchestrate all of the processes involved, both individually and collectively, to serve many different levels of human life.

The creation is the final outcome of the designing process and its purpose is in one sense to satisfy our need for beauty, however, the keys to a successful project are function and proportion. In addition, an understanding of the behavioral changes in new generations allows you to design plans according to the most recent trends. Moreover, the edges of each Genius Loci are defined by something deeply related to an aspect of high-tech ergonomics. The perfect spaces are friendly, welcoming, and stimulate our mood positively. The way we feel comes directly from the environment in which we spend most of our time. The great responsibility which rests on the shoulders of every architect is to create the right atmosphere within the buildings, allowing for either rest or work. These microclimates form the ecosystem of a city.

Profession, taste becomes one of the most important factors. It comes naturally from inside, boosted by experience and vitalised by the pursuit of excellence. This extraordinary link is beneficial for both architect and client, allowing them to enjoy this journey equally. In the desired future, a unique vision, supported by mathematical equations, aligns with a passion for creation. Both elements are essential to propose the right kind of solution in a particular location in order to satisfy governing factors such as character, scale, massing, and respect for the natural environment. One of the roles of an architect is to educate, bring awareness and to consider younger generations, building them foundations for a healthy and comfortable life. This is called eco-architecture and is sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable.

There is great meaning in being an architect; someone who can take a look back and respect the great achievements of our ancestors, such as artwork, engineering, and design, someone who implements in his own work what is waiting beyond the horizon of imagination, and someone to realize the fantasy.

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