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Pre-Christmas Salon in the ZEBRA gallery 2022

In the ZEBRA gallery between December 3-11, the pre-Christmas vernissage took place.

26 great artists took part in the pre-Christmas exhibition and showed their artwork in various techniques. With beautiful live guitar music, visitors could see sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, and graphics. At the invitation of one of the artists Lucyna Wachnicka came, the Stockholm media, the art-culture magazine DESIGNER Stockholm. Guests visiting the gallery could watch and purchase the artwork as Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

photo by Lucyna Wachnicka
artist/ Lucyna Wachnicka

photos by Lucyna Wachnicka

Galleri Zebra is run by the zebra group in Sodertälje in Stockholm, which is a non-profit association whose task is to arouse, maintain, spread, and further develop an interest in art and artistry.


Halina Rosa

12.12.2022 Stockholm

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