September 25, 2021

Promoting Polish and Scandinavian folklore/ Halina Rosa Design.

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Promoting Polish and Scandinavian folklore through the dedicated Halina Rosa Design strategy.

Regions need the art as much as art needs artists. The Knowledge and the artistic creation used in designing folklore patterns and costumes is the visual communication that brings real results translating into a strengthened image of the country and the culture. Dedicated design is used for visual communication between people. It is tricky to create something new and it is even more skillful to implement for daily use. The trick is also to stimulate people’s artistic sensitivity to the competition of computer designs.

The real artists/designers can skilfully transform art into something amazing. They work with a huge dose of supernatural positive energy, They load into their created products. An analysis of the artist’s way of working can give a good look at what is needed for managers and leaders. The artist helps to reach the creative inner self. Important creative processes that drive business in many fields are launched in many business branches. Art increases the effectiveness of the individual and the entire organization.

The artist/designer stimulates the people’s artistic sensitivity to nature and desire to search for newer and newer solutions. We should care about our environment. Today, art is the best investment for the future. These days we value beautiful objects and dedicated designs more and more. The dedicated folklore design strategy makes the image of countries more prominent. It’s a huge space for the artist to create unique designs tailored to the contemporary needs of fashion, interior design, and different sorts of projects. The interesting original way of designing folklore patterns also allows you to promote your own region and spread the culture of a given country around the world.

I am a folk artist, a painter, the editor in chief of the DESIGNER magazine, a designer of patented regional, and standard textile patterns, and a fashion designer. I cultivate the Scandinavian and Polish traditions in the design of regional costumes from my own textiles. My design and costumes are worn mainly by folklore lovers and celebrities. I decided to move permanently to Sweden in 2015. Despite the financial difficulties, the Swedish system believed in my entrepreneurship and make me continue my artistic, and business passions promoting Polish, and Scandinavian regional culture. I didn’t give up, and as a single mother with three children, I worked as a personal assistant, I studied the Swedish language and I went to the curse Starta Eget where I wrote my business plan to start to run my own company. That was my assumption from the very beginning. My faith, highlander stubbornness, diligence, and artistic talent led me to the right path.

Today I am the founder of the HALINA ROSA DESIGN Brand. On the 9th of November 2018, I had been awarded and became an Ambassador of Businesswomen Sweden 2018 for promoting creativity and entrepreneurship among women in the world and achieving outstanding business successes. I am a co-author of the second edition of Kinga Langley’s book „BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS BY POLISH WOMEN IN THE WORLD,” in which I share my knowledge, inspiring others to achieve financial, and personal goals. I am the author of the e-books How to become a designer I, II, The Galaxy of Diamonds, The Ambassador of God`s Diamonds.

In 2020 I became an Ambassador of World Polonia Heritage. The Encyclopedia of World Polonia Heritage has been published by the Cracow University of Technology.

Halina Rosa

I design for my needs, and famous fashion designers, who dress stage artists, I sell textile with my own original design internationally. The roots of culture are the most important for me. My collections are a mix of my artistic talent, and various regional cultures. My goal is to revive Scandinavian folklore. My hand-painted roses, flowers, nature motives, strong colors are the leitmotif in my collections. I took part in many folklore fashion shows. Mainly in Sweden/Skansen and Poland/Zakopane. I promote Scandinavian folklore in Poland in 2018 during the biggest folklore mode show, Polki Folki.

Thanks to modern technology my art become an original enrichment of fashion accessories and decorative interiors. Today, the dimension of art has a broad context, the pattern will raise the prestige of the host, public facility – hotel, clinic, or the entire organization. Patterns adorn, express the beauty of personality, testify belonging to a social and cultural class. I create a unique dedicated work to fulfill buyers’ expectations. My individuality allows the uniqueness of my created designs that stimulate people’s sensitivity to art, nature, and folklore. My dedicated design finally increases the value of regional culture.

I am a designer who wants to achieve specific effects, such as giving objects an attractive appearance. My individuality makes the modern Scandinavian and Polish regional costumes unique, and at the same time, they give the person its uniqueness. Only designer/artist can reach the inner creative ‚I’ and stimulate the viewer for the reflection. In general, folklore decorative design aims to evoke a positive impression and strengthen the position in the culture. My creative activities perfectly meet the needs of the market and the people who love folklore and nature.

The concept of the dedicated folklore design strategy I create turns out to be a very important factor in the process of making my brand Halina Rosa Design and promoting my region and culture. The introduction of dedicated design increases the number of my products manufactured on the market.

Protecting design is very important too. Some of my textile patterns are patented. I live in Sweden and I allow myself for a small analysis of the Swedish designer market when it comes to protecting intellectual property.

Swedish believe that the lack of design protection slows down the economy of companies. In the case of Scandinavian design, it is highly valued and exported. Scandinavian design is a compromise between aesthetics and functionality, it is timeless. Naturalness, freshness, bright colors are the features of nature, which for most Scandinavians is of great importance, that’s why these accents are valued in the interiors.

Scandinavia is one of the leaders in design, and nature protection. ECO/ FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.

One of the reasons I often use motives from nature like flowers, leaves, trees, animals because I had a vision some years ago, a divine vision in my dream I call it as my mission in life and as a commitment also to be responsible for the state and condition of our wonderful planet, it`s nature, living beings, sea, and rivers. I use raw material and natural textiles in my varied collection of dresses and other work. Mainly to minimize the use of plastic worldwide, as an example for the big companies.

Scandinavia is in front on the issues: minimizing pollution and protecting the environment due to the water and the climate goals, decided on EU meetings recently.

Dziewięćsił/ Carlina Acaulis

Halina Bartoszek Rosa/ Stockholm 2021.

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  1. Halinko jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem Twojej twórczości,tego w jak niesamowity sposób łączysz role.
    Twoja determinacja,charyzma,talent,mądrość i piękno jest darem dla tego świata.
    Szanuję to w jaki sposób podchodzisz do przyszłości naszej planety i życzę sobie i nam wszystkim abyśmy z troską myśleli o losie ziemi.
    Twoja kolekcja Folk jest bliska mojemu sercu,kocham kolory,motywy i delikatne tkaniny które po prostu otulają ciało.
    Życzę dalszej kreacji i dziękuję Bogu że nasze drogi są tak blisko.
    Ściskam i dumna jestem z Ciebie/ Jola

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