September 24, 2021

Blessed. In the pursuit of knowledge. God is with me.

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In December 2020 I got an opportunity to travel to Poland. One of my family members suffered from cancer and my mother would stay alone at home during a Christmas, I could not let it happen. Especially that I was not in Poland last year because of an examination in Sweden to Student-Teacher in 10 dances based on the WDSF technique passed in January 2020. However, the preparation was very difficult. So on the 17th of December, I went to Poland. I planned to attend 3 camps, 2 Synergy camps within AirDance, and 1 International Quality Camp in Classic Studio.


Spontaneously I got in touch with Alina Nowak who is representing Poland together with her dance partner Edgar Borjas. They are third in the World and sixth in Europe in World DanceSport Federation ranking. They are also 4 times Polish Champions. Finalists in All Grand Slams. Alina was also on her way to the family but in Warsaw, she had a camp for Costa Latino dance formation. It was exciting to meet her again (earlier in July 2020). What surprised me was that our camp took place under a church so I went first to pray and then to dance. Isn’t it a wonderful combination?! I felt blessed. Alina taught us the samba technique which was about dynamics and accents in different rhythms. I admire her, she is well trained, a fast dancer, great motivator with a warm personality.

This was very interesting to meet a dance formation for the first time and observe what kind of details they focus on. How it differs from couple dancing, it is important to keep a synchronization in the group during performance not so much focus on technique like in a couple dancing. However, Lucas Prochacki, the choreographer and trainer for Costa Latino had the ambition to improve the formation’s performance technique. We noticed that even dynamics should be agreed upon and synchronized within the group. We had a successful camp together and I am very thankful for Alina’s knowledge sharing and that I could meet such a nice team.

Report from the camp of dance formations with Alina Nowak by Diana Kicia.

Diana Kicia i Lucas Prochacki.
Diana Kicia i Alina Nowak.

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