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Diana Kicia with Anna Matus, Gabrielle Goffredo, Alina Nowak and Edgar Borjas

Paolo Bosco and Sylvia Pitton World Champions in Standard dances
Anna Matus and Gabriele Goffredo World Champions in Latin dances
Diana Kicia with Anna Matus, Gabrielle Goffredo, Alina Nowak and Edgar Borjas


The 20th International Dance Sports Camp took place on the 26-31st of July in Tam Diablo Dance Club. The camp takes place in Molinella, Italy every year. Designer Magazine had the opportunity to join this event and enjoyed knowledge sharing. We had approximately 500 couples and many top dance teachers from different countries and different levels.

Team Diablo performance center “Nobody can stop the progress” exists for almost 30 years and is known for their ten years old private research investment for dance athlete’s body capability within dance sport – tells Marco Cavacini one of the trainers of the sports center’s gym. Marco and Davide Cofone are fitness trainers for dancers. The research they conduct with leading of professor Gulio Rattazzi. 

Our international correspondent Diana Kicia was also there during the camp and under morning analysis. “There is a detailed analysis of the condition, balance, weight, explosiveness, and one can even check the consistency of the water in blood cells” – tells Diana. 

Team Diablo’s method and system based on body analysis is one of the most successful in the World. Explosiveness is a nerves-muscles system to build the ability to high performance. System-model is used for 10 years for over 100 couples many of them on a top-level. There is a big improvement in abilities of body coordination correctly. In the judgment aspect the results of this research activity done in a long terms impact on every scale –tells Marco Cavacini during his session “The Strenght of the Dancer”

Physical trainers in cooperation with Dance trainers need to keep close dialogue which muscles should be adapted to dance technique. Each dancer has unique characteristics in the body and the teacher needs to adapt training to achieve dance-related abilities. 

The improvement of Explosive power is fundamental for every athlete. Here we mean power resistance in longer-term, long resistance power, speed power. The combination of all these aspects is an art. “We observe a significant efficiency in terms of power”- tells professor Gulio Rattazzi.

The agenda of the camp for 7 days was divided into group sessions in the theoretical part and the physical part in private lessons Standard and Latin dancing. We had many guest teachers from around the World like Sergej Milicija, Paolo Bosco, Claudia Koehler, and Benedetto Ferruggia, Anna Matus, and Gabrielle Goffredo, Alina Nowak, and Edgar Borjas. 

The subjects of theoretical sessions were “Floorcraft” which was conducted by Kristina Moshenskaya and Marius Balan, “Music in Dancesport” by Veronika Haller, “The musicality” by Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini, “The importance of technique in dancesport” by Claudia Koehler and Benedetto Ferruggia, “The importance of nutrition for fitness and performance”. Understanding of calories needs to be adapted to body energy needs. “Diet should be adapted on the individual athlete level” by Dr. Francesca Calandriello. 

Conclusion of the international dance camp in Italy with many different subjects and many important aspects as earlier mentioned which have been discussed: dance, music, nutrition, psychology, fitness program. If you do not see results you need to change something is not enough to only dance as many dancers think you need to do physical training, keep diet and mental support to prepare the body to use its abilities to the maximum and reach the top.

Diana Kicia bipodalic side-side
Diana Kicia with Kristina Moshenskaya and Marius Balan
With Claudia Koehler and Benedetto Ferruggia World Champions in Standard dances

I would like to show my gratitude to Team Diablo for inviting me to such an amazing event -Diana Kicia – The international Correspondent of Designer Magazine Stockholm.

31.08.2021 STOCKHOLM

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