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AIRDANCE/ Joanna Wargala.


Joanna Wargala and Vladimir Sharapov (as a teacher). On the 27th of December, they successfully organized their first AirDance Christmas Ball.


AirDance application is a genius idea, the concept found by Joanna and Lucas Wargala, which allows dancers to join online lessons with legendary dance teachers from the whole World from different organizations for an optimized price. The subscription is not binding and the app currently has around 7000 subscribers. Lessons are also archived so one can watch them when is suitable. AirDance gives the possibility to both teachers and dancers to unite in these difficult times of pandemics while some countries are locked down.

AirDance created also Synergy Team/Camps lead by Joanna Leunis, Maurizio Vescovo, Andrea Ghiagarelli. Designer Magazine decided to join the AirDance and tell the World about this innovative solution for dancers and teachers. “The main rule of being a teacher in AirDance is that you need to be a Champion” says Joanna Wargala. Lessons for all levels are with Joanna Leunis, Michal Malitowski, Olga Kulikova, Dmitry Zharkov, Sara and Andrea Ghigiarelli, Maurizio Vescovo, Victor Nikovskiy, Karina Smirnoff and Justinas Duknauskas, Carolyn Smith, Aleksandra and Lucas Tomczak, Kristina Moshenskaya and Marius Balan, Jagoda and Jurij Batahelj, Melinda and Andrej Skufca, Viktoria Kharchenko and Kirill Belorukov.

Joanna Wargala started with ProAm dancing only four years ago. ProAm means Professional Amateur which means that Professional – Teacher is dancing with Amateur – Student on the competitions and educate her/him through private lessons.

Our International Correspondent Diana Kicia had an honor to conduct an interview with Joanna Wargala to find out how she manages her different roles as a mother, wife, supervisor, business woman, active ProAm dancer and co-owner of few companies during her intensive development.

How and when your ProAm career started?

Oh, it is a beautiful story but quite a long story, my ProAm career started four years ago in August 2016 with my first dance partner Tomasz Jaszewski from Gracja, Zielona Gora. I directly fell in love with dancing at the first sight. That was really something that changed my life. I started to train a lot and after two months I went to my first and one of the most beautiful competitions London Ball.

What are your achievements?

You compete also internationally quite a lot as I observe you travel a lot, yes?

Yes, it’s very good and easy for me because regarding my work I have got a few businesses outside of Poland so that gives me the opportunity to travel which I combine with my passion to dance. So this is the perfect way to stay happy. I have also the possibility to go to all these beautiful tournaments all over the World.
Regarding my achievements, I have already danced with five dance partners. The longest partnership was with Marek Fiksa great dancer and with him I was second in Blackpool. I am still ProAm World Champion from Minsk 2019 what I won with Oskar Dziedzic because this year championships have been canceled due to pandemic.

Currently, I dance with Vladimir Sharapov and we are a fresh winner of WDC World Cup in Vilnius, Lithuania.

When the idea about Air Dance born?

In 2018 in Blackpool so two years ago. We with my husband already had in one of my company’s applications doing a concierge service which we created four years ago. Because of the possibilities and my work with dancers we were thinking about how to help dancers, couples over the World. As we know dance is a beautiful sport but also very expensive, to get lessons with the best teachers like we have now here you are watching a beautiful Joanna Leunis teaching in front of us so that cost money. So it was an idea to get all the best teachers in one place like an app and then one can join all lectures without the need of traveling just online for quite a good price which is now 29,99$ per month. Every month we have fifty to a hundred lives we do.

How many customers do you have?

We are on the market from the beginning of March 2020 so we started a very short time before Pandemic. We were available on the second week of January on the AppStore and started recording and work with all teachers in February and now we have got around seven thousand subscribers.

How do you recruit teachers?

Actually, one of the most important rules in AirDance is to be a Champion and we would like to have the best teachers in the World.

How do you manage your all roles as a wife, mother for two daughters, business woman, supervisor and active ProAm dancer?

It is not easy, the best answer on that could give you People around me, my team who are working with me, because they know me and they spend a lot of time with me. I think the main reason is that I really love to dance. If you love to do what you are doing you find the time to make it easy and enjoy it.

What would be your advice for young girls?

I believe that dancing is one of the most beautiful passion that you can imagine and if you have time and you cannot find now any hobby you can spend your time and have some goals that you would like to achieve so dancing if for sure a good solution.

Fot. Tomasz Reindl.

Designer Magazine thanks Joanna Wargala for sharing her story.

Interview by Diana Kicia.

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