December 9, 2023


Many misunderstandings are often due to a lack of knowledge or stereotype thinking. Thanks to the poets and their translators, who put their whole heart into translating poems into different languages, they connect the cultures of different nations.

Poets often present values important for the culture of their country, but above all, values that are an integral part of their lives for themselves.

It is poets and their translators that poetry plays the role of an intermediary between diverse cultures.

田宇 (James Tian), a young Chinese poet and translator. He is the representative of the art-literary movement IMMAGINE&POESIA in China. His works have been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines in China and abroad and have been translated into many languages. In 2018, he was awarded the second prize in the national excellent literary works competition for the 15th anniversary of the resumption of the publication of Jinggangshan writers’ daily and was awarded the special role model of The Times in 2018. He won second prize in Wen Yiduo poetry competition in 2018; BPPW gold award in 2019; Award for excellence in Latin American literature in 2019; Award for American poetry in 2019; Bronze medal of “Bena” award for French poetry and song in 2019; In 2019, he also won the silver award of the American Pegasus poetry award and other awards. The International Culture Publishing Company published the monograph “The Light in the Sky” Tianyu modern poetry anthology, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House published “Tianyu Lyrics Anthology”, China Ground Publishing House published “Tianyu Lyrics Anthology 2” and other books.

James is a bridge that connected Asia with all continents, a young poet full of enthusiasm and energy, a translator of poetry from English into Chinese. It is thanks to him that poets from different countries were heard in China, their voices in the form of their poems translated by James Tian are published in various Chinese magazines, and they take part in various poetry festivals. This is a milestone in bringing people from different continents together through literature.


What do we think is the meaning of peace,

In our yellowing memories?

Is it so selfish,

That we don’t care about each other, It’s the final stability?

Or just a word calling with our mouth,

Without love as a basis?

What do we think is the meaning of peace,

In our ideal dreams?

Without a war,

Is that true harmony?

Or a temporary emotion just because of special pity?

It’s the crack in our hearts now,

There is something wrong with our consciousness!

Stopping greedy desire can make the wandering love return,

The light of the world isn’t only at daybreak.

The excuses for the attack is always prosperous,

But following the love should be our special faith.

Even if the future is a jacket with bloody existence,

Everything is possible,

The fire symbolizing freedom isn’t extinguished.

A Poem written by 田宇 (James Tian )

Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

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