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4-5 November 2022 Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, London

London, UK, 10 August – The annual Creative Women International Conference will take place at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane in London on 4-5 November 2022.

In its seventh year, the conference will bring together several hundred accomplished female leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Over 40 invited speakers, female influential entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world, featured in Forbes & Entrepreneur and other publications, will share their strategies to develop your career, business, and most importantly yourself to the next phase in your life.

The conference Founder and CEO, Olga Balakleets, CEO of Ensemble Productions, and the Executive Director and Partner, Dr Viola Edward have established a unique women’s event that welcomes women from all industry backgrounds providing an opportunity for them to connect and develop their creativity. Together with their team of Regional Chairs in nearly 40 countries and Honorary Ambassadors, they have developed the conference that will still encompass networking opportunities, rewarding lectures and workshops, and a chance to learn from one another. 

The conference’s speakers who are influential women from diverse countries and expertise will be addressing topics around business strategy and growth, leadership, personal development and growth, burnout, imposter syndrome, and current trends in PR & Marketing all with an aim toward helping women become leaders. 

The two-day agenda will include numerous presentations from keynote speakers, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions where you will get your chance to ask the experts anything you wish.

If you are looking for inspiration, guidance, and support for personal and professional growth this conference is a must for you. The Creative Women Conference is here to help you become your best self and connect you with like-minded women in business.

We invite women interested in attending the conference to visit our website:  

They can select either Day 1, Day 2, or both days to include the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony as well. 

The organizing team provides women the chance to energize their business goals and commitments in a unique networking arrangement. 

For more information on the conference, or press inquiries, about the Creative Women Platform and its Global Membership please contact and visit

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